Save Our Children

How can yet another school shooting happen in the country that I love so very much?  What has gone so devastatingly wrong that children and teachers have now become the weekly target and victims of a Congress whose members have lost sight of reality and the people they represent?  They stick their conscience up their proverbial behind and bury their souls in the ground with the fallen, as they forget about the school children in this country who will one day become its future.  What changed so drastically during my 65 years on the planet that took away reason and public awareness from our elected officials and allowed insecure nut cases to tote weapons around like water bottles, ready to take a drink of violence and destroy unsuspecting innocents at every turn?    I am angry, I am broken hearted, I am fed up, and I just want it to stop. If Congress refuses to care, then WE THE PEOPLE must unite with our intelligent voices of reason, not with a rifle strapped to our backs. To quote Hillary Clinton, “Our politics right now are dysfunctional.”  In my opinion we need to oust anyone who is not for protecting our children. Stricter gun laws must be enforced to protect society. Students have a right to feel safe in our schools. Teachers shouldn’t have to worry every day that their lives are in danger. What are we teaching our young people if our Congress continues to model bad behavior by refusing to work together to keep our country safe? I’ve had it! If we want change then we need to make our politicians know we are furious with their inability to work together to make this a safe country again.

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