The Tony Awards


The Tony Awards has been a wonderful uplifting treat after today’s tragic events that occurred in Orlando this morning. I have spent the entire day aching inside for the wounded and the dead, feeling numb and broken. I even took a long walk and attempted to push away the pain, but to no avail, it lingered on. Until finally, I clicked on the TV to discover that the Tony Awards were on and suddenly, my sorrow lifted.

There is something quite magical and wonderful about the Theatre. It’s extraordinary performers, the incredible music, the dance numbers, the brilliant scripts and the overwhelming creativity that emanates from a room filled with talented artists. So, as I try to forget the shattered lives in Orlando and watch the brilliance of these Broadway entertainers, I am transported from tears to joy. And I needed to feel that joy after the sadness of this latest massacre. The largest mass shooting in our country’s history. So is it any wonder that Broadway opened my heart again?

You know, one of the most beautiful aspects of The Theatre is the uniqueness of each and every actor as well as the unity of the ensemble players. I think that is what I miss most about being a part of that world. Their total love and acceptance for one another. Each show creates a family. Everyone depends on one another, they trust one another, and they care about one another. Their color, their sexual preference, their gender never ever mattered. It was their professionalism, their generosity and caring for each other that made such an impact on me and allowed me to fall in love with all that is Musical Theatre when I was younger. Nobody was ever judged by any of the things the outside world viewed as odd or unusual. Behind the curtain there were only performers. Each one there to do the job of entertaining. And in the process, a great play, a superbly executed line could be life changing for those who experienced it. Shakespeare wrote, “All the world’s a stage.” If only the entire world saw all people they way theatre people do.






Author: Lesleykluchin

I am a teacher, writer, mother, and a grandmother. I have spent the last 36 years of my life as a teacher, enriching and motivating students to find the joy in learning and developing a love for the written word. As a newly retired educator I now volunteer my time writing curriculum for an after school spoken word poetry program. In my youth before teaching, I was an actress, played in an all girl's rock band in the late 60's, and protested for equality and peace while in college. I am still very involved in political issues that will help make this planet a better place in which to live, so that my precious grandchildren can stop and smell the roses and know that our world is a thing of beauty and the people in it can be filled with love, creative attributes, and artistic endeavors. I hope my efforts to fight for equality, freedom, truth and justice will survive in this brave new world of ours. We owe it to the children to continue to push forward no matter the hardships and challenges we might face with this new administration. Peace, love, and rock-n- roll!

2 thoughts on “The Tony Awards”

  1. The word synchronicity comes to mind from this blog. We are all connected in some way if we take the time to observe it. Most people don’t.

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