How Does Brexit affect my favorite shows Game of Thrones and Outlander?

The world is an uproar!  And after the shock of all the voting in the UK and trying to understand the consequences and just how it affects the United States, today I suddenly wondered, what does Brexit mean for two of my favorite shows, “Game of Thrones” and “Outlander”? Will we fans be forced to stop seeing Jon Snow or never again look upon Jaime and Claire after waiting decades to get their characters on screen?? Please tell me it isn’t so! How can Politics change my television choices??? Obviously, a lot.

As a political junkie it gets me really annoyed that the masses, evidently across the pond as well as in America, don’t think, research, or do their homework before they decide to vote. I don’t understand it.  The last article I read said that the folks in the UK wanted to revote now because they didn’t understand the consequences of what might happen!  REALLY????  And all I could think about was what if that happened in America if a certain reality TV star wins the election. The consequences would be horrifying! And then people would say, “Gee, I didn’t think it would be so bad.” or  “I didn’t realize he didn’t know anything about world issues.”  I don’t want that to happen in my country!!!

Is it so difficult for people to THINK before they decide to vote for “unorthodox” candidates who either don’t understand politics or who want to start a revolution without thinking ahead about the possible consequences their vote might cause? (Yeah, that IS what happened in the UK!! And we need to learn from their hastiness.)  Because like America, many of those voters didn’t really understand what they were voting for. Political decisions affect every aspect of our lives!! And people had better understand the fall out before they cast their votes. Just listening to a dynamic speaker, or someone who sounds great isn’t enough. (May I remind you that Hitler was a master orator?)

Ya know…Revolutions sound amazing, but guess what? In reality, not only can they affect our food supplies and possibly cause our economy to plummet or stagnate, (If we follow history). They also can affect our art, music, theatre, literature, and now our technology, as well as our film industry. Yes, our movies may get cut back, changed completely, or disappear entirely from lack of funding. So yeah, our  votes can affect not only our economy, but our internet, our schools, and our spoiled daily lives which include what we watch on television and go to see at the movies.

And yes, we have become a spoiled society who protests for one thing thinking how radical we are and how it will change our country if we start over and rebuild, so we vote for a revolution and a drastic change. But, you see, we also are a society who likes to stream movies on our phones while we sit in the car, use the restroom, or take pictures of our food in restaurants and post it to everyone in the world. Surprise gang.  RARELY, can you do that in a revolution!

And, what if those films we love so much can no longer be made??? What if, our favorite television shows are cancelled because they cannot be filmed in certain countries or are just too costly to make? And what if,like Cuba, for decades, we can no longer have access to world news or  internet? Yeah, revolutions sound great but they are usually messy and dirty, and not the stuff that movies make them out to be. They are not glamorous!!!

The same millennials who are protesting to keep fighting for a certain senator long after he gave it his all and lost fair and square, would not be so happy if they are too stubborn to cast their votes for the Democratic Nominee and thus handed over the election to the bigoted option running for the GOP. (Who they don’t seem to care for either.)  Those young protestors could quite easily be left standing in bread lines without their cell phones. How would they survive then??? Because the GOP’s candidate would certainly put us in a worse situation than the UK is in. But, hey, don’t worry.  The rich will still have their golf courses.

I personally live with a daily reminder of just how terrible it can be when a majority of people vote for a bad candidate.  In Florida alone, we lost millions of dollars and thousands of jobs because Governor Rick Scott refused to renew the Florida Film incentives. So now all the movies and TV shows that were made down here in our lovely climate all year long, were forced to set up in Georgia. I know because my son, who was working steadily down here and bought a home locally, now rents it out and works in the Atlanta area. I get to see him a few weeks out of the year and that is heartbreaking for me as his mother.  I miss him.  It has had disadvantageous affects for Florida economically, but thankfully, no global complications. However, it was an unnecessary outcome stemming from poor decision making prompted by uninformed voters. So while Florida lost millions of dollars and put thousands of employed people out of work, the film industry regrouped and bought hundreds of acres of land and built studies in Georgia and they are giving  thousands of jobs to Georgia locals.  All jobs and money that would have all gone to Florida’s folks. So voting for the wrong candidate affects more than you think. It affects every aspect of society!! And in this case it affected our public schools, our government jobs, and our local film industry totally disappeared when it was thriving and producing jobs. All because a GOP candidate had plenty of money to make great commercials and got people to vote for him, even though he wasn’t the best person for the job..

I don’t know about any of you, but  I personally love my little inconsequential life just like it is. I am a retired teacher who volunteers for a non profit organization that helps children. I write curriculum for the bluapple poetry network, I take art classes, I write a blog, and I enjoy my three grandchildren. I earn a small teacher’s pension and get a little social security after teaching for 36 years. My life is not extravagant, but it pretty much how I planned it to be and I like it. It’s safe, it’s filled with joy, and I can pay my bills and pretty much afford everything I need. I can get HBO, Starz, and Netflix to watch my favorite shows, I can download kindle books on my iPad and my iPhone, I can use an app to order my groceries on days I am ill, and because of my access to everything on the internet, I am able to order anything on line, even Disney DVD’s that are no longer available commercially,  from eBay, for my grandchildren. Life couldn’t be better and I think I am really a very lucky woman.  And, guess what? I don’t want any of that to change because some people didn’t take the time to THINK before they cast their votes.  I don’t want an incompetent  Presidential candidate to win, nor do I want a revolution.  I just got back on my feet after the Bush years where I lost everything. So my life under the current administration has gotten back on track and my senior years ahead will be wonderful if all goes as planned.  But now watching what is happening in the UK is an eye opener to what might happen here if the wrong person gets into the White House.

I urge voters to do their research as I would tell my former students.  Use 3 to 5 sources on any topic you look up on the internet, because crazy people as well as competent ones write things on line. Seek out the truth and be careful what you wish for.  Don’t think a revolution will solve all your problems or that a candidate who had a reality show actually understands world affairs.  Learn from history that we need to look to the past just as much as we need to look to the future to seek our answers.  And vote wisely. Sometimes we have to vote for the candidate who is the best but may not have been our first choice. Sometimes we have to vote against rather than for, and sometimes we can actually make a progressive change in history with our votes by voting in the first female President of the United States.  Sometimes we CAN make things even better!!!  And perhaps, THEN we all can hope that “Game of Thrones” will still be on HBO!  And that we can go to the movies and enjoy a new “Star Wars” Film.  May the Force Be With You when you VOTE!!!


7 thoughts on “How Does Brexit affect my favorite shows Game of Thrones and Outlander?

  1. Lesley once in a while a thoughtful Blog post will over time become a significant historical document as with your brilliant piece of writing here, you can read it as a prophecy, looking at the past with the benefit of hindsight and a warning as to the consequences of allowing the uneducated masses to vote on decisions, which if wrong will blight a country for the next 25 years…….. a generation! And yes Brexit is as bad as you suggested it might be, if not worse! Oh and not forgetting the dangers of allowing the uneducated masses to choose and vote for a reality star as their President……………… the saying ‘people get the politics they deserve’ has never sounded more true.

    The process of Brexit has been likened to ‘trying to extract an intact egg yoke from an omelette’, I love this analogy because you can dream up ideas of how to extract the egg yoke, never actually start then in time give up all because the conundrum is a physical impossibility………….. I voted to Remain as I believe the majority of thinking people voted in the referendum, voters who understood you shouldn’t believe a politician’s rhetoric……………. and yes that’s the reason politicians such as Adolf Hitler came o power because the masses didn’t look and learn from history but instead voted him into office!

    Sad times but I have a strong feeling Brexit will never fully happen, the arguments will rumble on until one day a political Party will give the British Public a second vote……… here’s hoping.

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    1. Thank you so much for your lovely comment. And an update about what’s really happening over your way.
      It’s been over two years since I wrote this blog, and I did try to warn people. If only we could go back in time and change things to the way they were.

      I had a very prophetic dream before I wrote this piece. I saw the American Presidential candidates fighting at a debate where Trump was accusing and abusing Hillary, Bernie was trash talking Hillary, and then suddenly the stage setting changed as Bernie and Hillary headed for cover. America’s Dearest Donnie was embracing world dictators, Arm and arm with our enemies, while our allies were on a boat in the middle of the ocean. The evil tyrants were bombing the leaders of France, the UK, Canada etc. I watched in horror as I saw our allies under attack and the earth exploding around them. I woke up in a cold sweat. I tried to tell myself it was just a dream but I knew better. It was a glimpse into the future. The next day your Surprising Brexit vote was on the news and I wrote this blog. I worked my behind off trying to get Hillary elected. When she lost all I could think about was this dream. This blog was my attempt to enlighten those of what could possibly happen if Trump won.
      So, it’s interesting to read you call my blog a historical document. I guess it is in away. How sad.😔 Thank you for finding this piece.

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  2. Traveling has opened my eyes to the need to break the mindless routines that my middle class lifestyle at home offers me. The greatest fear I have is that someone like Trump will make it more difficult to exercise this freedom. The decision to reelect Governor Scott had already deepened my awareness to the destructive outcome of voting behavior.


    1. Thank you, but We both did. You through poetry and I through a blog. We see and feel what is happening around us and we write about it in our own way. Let us be able to quote one another! xo


  3. Totally agree with your whole post and how you feel about people. AND how many times have we heard Congress people say they didn’t read the whole bill, it was too many pages. AND we pay them and give them benefits why? I have been following a few candidate running here in our state, Pam Keith. Check her out!!


    1. I sure will check her out! Thanks. We can’t just vote without thinking about consequences. The UK made that mistake. They were swayed by a Trump like candidate and now their world may change forever. So Scary. When you are back in town let me know and We will all get together! xoxo


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