All Are Punished!

160612060626-orlando-shooting-exlarge-169All Are Punished! (A Poem about Dallas.)

Falling with the elegant grace of a dancer,

Splatters of crimson red spread in slow motion,

The deafening noise of gunshots continue in succession.

Confusion and panic erupt through mass hysteria,

As people race for cover.

Bodies plummet to the ground while dark liquid consumes their form and covers the pavement.

Fear on the faces of the innocents,

Disbelief and shock on a cluster of shapes running.

Black or white it doesn’t matter.

Nobody sees color in the crowd of figures trying to get to safety.

They are all afraid,

They are all in peril.

Citizens protesting in peace,

While officers rush to save the masses.

Yet, still the shots shriek out from unknown locations.

Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead! Dead!! The shots blast!

Violence erupting from despair?

A conspiracy group trying to shift the blame?

Police risking uncertain death to protect citizens,

Who hesitate to trust men and women in uniform,

Until they see the compassion in their eyes.

A peaceful protest turned to devastation by weapons that NO civilian should ever possess.

Do we blame the government that allowed these killing machines to be purchased?

Do we blame our leaders or the actual weapons themselves?

What about the insane being who pulled the trigger?

Who do we blame?


It is a collective tragedy and we all  bear the responsibility.


We blame them ALL!




6 thoughts on “All Are Punished!

  1. Dear Lolly,How beautifully put.  Your words resonate and the imagery comes alive.  Thank you thank you.Hey, you are a poet! You just don’t admit to it. LOLHow are you my friend?  I’ve been up to my eyeballs in kids–well, young adults.  Nikki has been in and out with her sprained ankle (I think I told you, she stepped off a curb on 87th and 2nd and twisted it good.  I am now her nurse.) And Dani and her boyfriend breezed in from Denver for a short visit.  They’re going to Boston, then back to NY then back to Denver where Dani starts her 2nd year at City Year.  She just accepted a position as a team leader in Denver and I’m not quite sure what that means but it’s a good thing. I’m between loads of laundry and the gym although I probably get the better workout in the laundry room.I just wanted to touch base to let you know how moved I was by your poem.  You know how to make words come alive.  So much sadness out there.  I just can’t even watch the news anymore.  Heartbreaking.Well, at least we have Lord Byron and Jane A.Hugs and kisses,Marla


    1. Marla! I am humbled by your response! You are a proficient poet and think lyrically, so I very much appreciate your comments. I wrote my usual blog when I first heard the news, but after watching the following morning and seeing the actual events play out moment by moment on video, all I could hear amongst the shots were those words from Shakespeare and his lines rang through my head as loud as the gun shots on the screen of my television. So, this time, I had to respond in poetry. And I admit, I rather felt like it was a better way to express the whole sad ordeal. There is something to be said for poetry! And for friendship. Love you dear friend. Try to write in between the laundry, the gym, and the girls!! xoxo


    1. We live in such troubling times and watching the events in Dallas unfold all I could hear in my head was that line from Romeo and Juliet. (All are punished). Feuding and hatred solves nothing but destroying lives. Let us hope Trump stays as far away from Washington as possible.


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