Crying for Dallas!

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I woke up this morning to see all the chaos that happened last night in Dallas. In a world where guns are so easy to access, people who can’t deal with their frustrations any more lose control. And they seem to lose it by killing other human beings.

Black or white, people who can buy dangerous military style weapons hurt and kill other individuals when life gets too difficult to endure. America’s biggest problem is not the top one percent or the cost of college. (Although those are issues of concern, they are not our top priority.) Our biggest problem is that every single day we are killing one another. Every time you turn on the news you see people trying to annihilate anyone who looks or acts differently than they do. Each night as I press the on button to my television, or click on my iPad, I can’t help but feel stunned and powerless. How do we stop this needless violence? What can we do to save America?

After all the senseless shootings against the African American community in this country, this horrific incident could not have been totally unexpected. But, a few sick individuals do NOT represent every person!  And had those disturbed individuals not had access to assault rifles in the first place, those brave officers would still be alive. Had the GOP allowed another vote when Democrats formed a sit in, maybe things would have been different. Maybe not. But once again, assault rifles murdered individuals who should not have died.

I blame the Republicans in Congress for not compromising with Democrats and voting for common sense gun laws that reflect the wishes of the American People. The blood of those five officers in Dallas is on the hands of every Republican who voted against banning assault rifles. They had another chance to get this right after the Orlando massacre but they decided that voting against the Democrats rather than FOR the safety of the American people was more important than representing the citizens who elected them to serve and keep them safe.

How many more of our dear citizens must die before Congress wakes up and makes our country safer? How many people have to bleed before Senators and Representatives do the right thing and vote on laws to prevent at least some of the violence that is plaguing our nation?

We all are sick of the violence. People are feeling helpless, hurt, and stunned. A peaceful protest turned into a horrible massacre of law enforcement officers and that is unconscionable. More precious lives lost. I am just sick inside.

Change the gun laws, respect one another, look beyond the color of a person’s skin, beyond their gender, beyond their uniform, and find kindness in your heart. We need to make America SAFE again. And Congress, work together and DO YOUR JOB!!! PLEASE!!!

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