Is Hillary Too Intelligent For Republicans???

I read an article the other day stating that the problem with the GOP is that President Obama is much too intelligent for them to understand. It stated that his ability to see the bigger picture and understand far reaching problems confuses them. It also mentioned that he focuses not just on the here and now, but on the direction in which the country needs to head and all that evidently, is just too taxing on many of our Republican leaders and their constituency.

I tend to agree with that to some extent. I feel there is a large amount of one-issue conservatives in Congress who are a lot like cattle, following and meandering slowly along with the crowd and failing to think for themselves. (That is not to say there aren’t a few deep thinking intelligent people on the GOP side.) Sadly, the majority of them seem to lack the ability to respond to stimuli, the weather around them, and can only continue to live like their grandfathers did in the past. They see themselves as elite and above the common man. And yet, if anyone is common, it is those individuals who are not open minded enough to see into the hearts and minds of our citizens in need or in despair.

BUT, if you think Obama is a smart man, here’s the clincher… IF you use IQ points, HILLARY BLOWS EVERY SINGLE PRESIDENT WE HAVE EVER HAD OUT THE WATER WITH HER HIGHLY GIFTED IQ. She is in the top 1 percent of people on the planet and would be our most brilliant President to date.

As a recently retired teacher,I studied gifted education and I taught it for over 36 years. I understand the nature and needs of the gifted population of students (top 2 percent of the nation) and the highly gifted student, (top 1 percent). So while I am not in the top 1 percent like Mrs. Clinton, (the top 2 percent works fine for me), I still comprehend how her brain works. I have raised gifted and highly gifted children and so far I have one grandson who is in that category. While vastly different, all these individuals have one thing in common. They ALL have vision, and their vision is not often seen or understood by the rest of us.

Mozart could hear a symphony in raindrops; Beethoven could feel the vibrations in the air and write something as magnificent as “Ode to Joy” when he was on the verge of becoming totally deaf. Few of us could accomplish those tasks.

These uniquely brilliant individuals were thought to be odd and were often shunned as outcasts in society. Van Gogh painted “Stary Night” from the window of an insane asylum. Scientists recently discovered that he drew the accurate motion of the earth as it rotated around the sun in that painting by using the precise swirls in his rendering that can be seen through telescopes. Incrediby, HE could see the swirls with the naked eye. He could see movement all around him when nobody else could. But, instead of calling him brilliant, they thought he was crazy. Yet all the while the molecular motion still existed. However, society locked him away for being different. Why? Because he was a genius and saw things  that the average Joe could not see nor comprehend. And Obama, because of the color of his skin was not supposed to be able to see the “whole picture” in politics. He wasn’t supposed to be that much smarter than everyone in Congress and so they hated him for it. How dare a man of color be so brilliant? And worse yet, now a woman is going to threaten the sanctity of the good old boys club!

And that, I feel, is how Trump slid by and became the nominee. Yes, half of the population would rather vote for a bigoted idiot than vote for a brilliant, experienced woman because her brains scare the hell out of them. She’s too darn smart and that makes them uncomfortable.  THIS is just ONE reason why Republicans hate her so much. They can blame a million other trivial things on her, but really they are thinking, “HOW DARE A WOMAN BE SMARTER THAN EVERYONE! HOW DARE SHE BE ABLE TO FIGURE OUT SOLUTIONS MORE QUICKLY AND SOLVE PROBLEMS IN A MORE LOGICAL MANNER THAN EVERYONE IN THE ROOM!”

And all I can think is, how did this woman even survive her entire life in the political arena near these buffoons? The patience she learned in dealing with them is a feat in itself. She has always been wise beyond her years and ahead of her time and she is smarter than anyone in politics today. Her experience, her temperament, and her intellect will make her one of the best Presidents this country has ever had. And just like history will write something similar about Obama being brilliant and suave, history will give him credit for being in the top five of our very best leaders. And, if given the chance, Hillary will be in that group as well.

It is astounding to me that she even has to fight for the win. Especially when we have Donald Trump, who clearly has not read a book in the last 25 years. (If he ever did read and finish a book during his entire life without cliff’s notes.)

So on one hand we have a man who can’t control his temper and spouts off bigoted comments like gunshots, without even understanding that he is being racist or politically incorrect.  And then we have Hillary. Who is female and Republicans and many citizens can not stand her. And because of GOP lies people say they don’t trust her.  Why the hell not? Because she gives folks an intelligent answer that isn’t simplistic?

Have we dumbed down America so much that people cannot think beyond the amount of characters on twitter? It is obvious that most folks don’t know or understand what Hillary or Obama are talking about. And yes, it would be easier to shout out…”Tricky Trump” or “Dumb Donald” over and over again to compete with Trump’s crooked Hillary rhetoric. But, as an intellectual with actual decisive plans on how to help America, Hillary just can’t do that. It isn’t who she is.

May I suggest that people READ Abigail Adam’s letters to her husband John. (Or watch the film 1776.) And if you can’t muster up the stamina to read a book, then there are many Children’s books written about her. I have one at home called “Remember The Ladies”. The eloquence of her written words is simply breathtaking. In fact, if you really want to feel somewhat lacking in articulating your emotions, check out the expressiveness of common foot soldiers during the Civil War. Their beautiful, lyrical letters are astounding compared to the men and women in Congress today. People had a mastery for language and communication back then.

In 2016 we may have SMART phones, but we have DUMB people!!! We have become an inarticulate society and thus people like the simplicity of Trump’s slogan, “Make America Great.”  To someone with a higher IQ like Hillary, that comment is unnecessary, because we know America is already great. But to the Trump crowd, it is all they can process. A few phrases here or there is all their minds can handle. Much like Trump himself.

I, for one, want a President who I think is smarter than I am. One of the reasons I disliked George W so much was because I knew I was much smarter than he was. And I couldn’t respect a President who wouldn’t be able to answer any of my questions. (Another reason Obama was such a breath of fresh air. What a pleasure it was and is to listen to him speak!)

I NEED Hillary to be our next President because she is the most intelligent candidate with the most experience. Yes, I won’t lie, it totally rocks that she is a woman. (It is long over due.) But, she is just so damn smart, and a solution sort of person. She’s a real problem solver and I would give my eyeteeth to watch her work. America NEEDS her! I need her. My children and grandchildren need her. We all need an intelligent role model if we want a society of smart people!!! We don’t want to be known as the nation of Dumb and Dumber!!!

You know, The thing I miss the most about being retired from teaching is standing up in front of a class of gifted and highly gifted students, and posing a question to them. I’d watch the look on their faces as their eyes lit up one at a time when they thought of an answer. And I’d go around the room and ask the students with their hands up what they thought the answer could be. I’d write on the board a condensed version of what each student said, until every child had shared a thought.

And then I would stand back and together the class and I would look at the amazingly creative answers before us and give a collective sigh or a “Whoa!”

And from that brainstorming session they would usually break into groups and either write an essay, a short story, present their ideas using technology; a power point, flip chart presentation, a poem, a play, an illustration, a song, a mini movie… any creative way they could conjure up to show me the answer to my question, they did it! Filled with excitement as they busily got to work to create their answers.

And ALWAYS, always, always, their answers were far beyond the scope of what I had imagined they would be. They were wonderful answers!!!  If ONLY America gave Hillary a chance so she too could surprise us and do her thing. Then and only then can this country get back on track.

I beg of you dear readers, not to let this nation turn into a book called, “America for Dummies.” PLEASE! Let this highly gifted woman win in the fall and lead us into greatness, knowledge, and peace!!

6 thoughts on “Is Hillary Too Intelligent For Republicans???

  1. Yep, I do know who you are talking about and I agree. It is very frustrating for educators like you, Ruth, and I, who spent our entire careers providing a quality education for our students and demanding excellence, (To the best of a student’s ability, even those with learning challenges.) And with hard work, all of our students rose to the challenge. In the case of Ruth and I we had a wide spectrum of children from learning disabled to highly gifted and yet each and every child worked up to their potential. I am confident that your students did so as well. So, to see what the GOP has been reduced to is insulting and disheartening.


  2. I’m fully with you on this, Leslie. I won’t take responsibility for any of this dumbing down of America . I did my part in teaching to nurture ability and talent and will not condone dumbness as an acceptable way of leadership in this country.

    People who do not own up to plagiarism, rant aimlessly, or exhibit tokenism toward the value of obtaining an education are clearly exacerbating this problem. You know who I might be talking about.


  3. ruthrogge

    Beautiful blog and agree 1,000 %. They are all so threatened by her. Her debates will tear him about as he just repeats everything we have already heard with no plans or facts.


    1. Oh I really hope so! He is so vicious and rude and his bullying is just over the top. I sincerely hope he looks foolish rather than what some people see as strong. (I don’t get that all. I see him as a wimp.) I hopes she wipes the floor with him!

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