There Is Only ONE Choice!


I just turned off the evening news and I am angry!!  I am so sick of people saying there are two awful choices in this election. I totally disagree. There is only ONE awful choice. The other choice is an amazingly dedicated woman who is more experienced and qualified than any other candidate I have ever seen in the past 45 years that I have been voting. NEVER have we had a candidate with Hillary Clinton’s superior qualifications.

Sadly, the American media has decided to justify how absurdly unqualified Trump is, and therefore chosen to lower the bar, creating a new vacuous set of rules for “The Donald” because he is not your typical candidate. Instead, he is like dealing with a spoiled, argumentative preschooler. And in this bizarre world of 24 hour non stop news stations, all the leading channels appear to be sharing a “Voting for Dummies” guidebook.  One in which Trump doesn’t appear as ridiculous and inept as he actually is. And worst of all, in an attempt to make their news reports more credible, these so called journalists are now identifying Hillary as an equally bad candidate just to help Trump appear less nonsensical and somewhat normal. (Like they think the public won’t notice?)

I assume this is being done for ratings, but it seems to me that the closer we get to the election, the majority of reporters don’t want Trump to stand out as the ineffective joke that he is.  They would rather pretend to the public that he is a viable candidate in order to level the playing field. Or make it appear level.  That in itself, is absurd, sexist, and totally unfair to the one candidate (Hillary) who is intelligent, competent, and actually Presidential material.

But what bothers me the most, is that this just isn’t fair. Hillary doesn’t belong in the same category as Trump, nor does she deserve this kind of abusive treatment from American journalists and the American people. Especially, when she has spent a lifetime helping our citizens. Talk about a lack of respect!!! (Let alone the fact that her decades of work and effort have been totally ignored and undervalued.) There is no comparison at all between the candidates.  One has spent a lifetime helping others and one has spent a lifetime helping himself.

Why is it that Hillary has had to fight harder than any other candidate in our history and had to prove herself more than any man running? Why must she answer more questions when Trump gets a free ride? Oh yes, of course, it’s because she’s a woman. To heck with that!

Anyone who cannot see her superiority in this arena over Mr. Trump, is quite frankly, not thinking clearly or rationally. This isn’t reality TV, this is real life!!! And I for one, am sick and tired of intelligent qualified women having to constantly prove themselves over and over to less capable men every single second of every single day in this country! There is such a double standard that it is appalling and offensive.

If Trump wins, then I feel like I have wasted 36 years of teaching.  Because that means deductive reasoning, research, logic, intellectualism, has been thrown out the window. It means rationality and wisdom have died in our nation.

We as a society cannot compete in this world with an ignorant Commander in Chief. Our founding fathers did NOT want us to elect a vain CEO who plans to be a figurehead and delegate responsibility without bothering to learn our history or our constitution. Those great men wanted an intelligent, strong leader who could make perceptive decisions and command effectively. And this time, by golly, it’s going to be a woman. So deal with it!!!!!!!



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  1. Lolly I love this. I’ve already sent it to people who need to read it. You’ve got a typo (I’m just a frustrated editor) on appealing. I think you want to say appalling. Thank spell check for taking the words out of our mouths! XoxoxoxMarla

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    1. Thanks Marla. Yes I thought I wrote appalling. I’ll fix it! 👍 Just looked and on my laptop it is fixed but not on my iPad. I guess it updates differently on different devices. LOL But, that’s what I get for writing after midnight. 🙂

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  2. After watching The Comander-In-Chief Forum last night, how could you NOT vote for Hillary. She was so presidential with her facts presentation and delivery and he was like a Used Car Salesman ! Trust Me!!!!

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