Trump deserves the “HUGE” backlash!


I have to admit that it is rather gratifying to see Donald Trump getting such a “HUGE” backlash from the decade old video that recently resurfaced showing his despicable behavior towards women. And isn’t it ironic that most Republican men have refused to admit that their candidate was a reprehensible misogynist until they had actual video footage? Why is it that they had to wait until Trump was caught on camera before they stepped in to denounce him?

It was obvious to all the women who saw his conduct on the campaign trail that he was a bigot and a misogynist.  Even Republican women like Ana Navarro  denounced his behavior long before this video surfaced. She knew who and what he was and begged her fellow Republicans NOT to support him. Yes, women heard him and recognized his lack of character every time he spoke in front of a crowd, or gave an interview. Women picked up on his sexist jargon and his bigotry in every speech he made and in every aside or comment he snuck in about various females who weren’t perfect tens by his standards. WE knew all along what he was!!!! So why did it take most of the male population and the media so long to figure it out and finally address the elephant in the room? WHY?

I am baffled that the males (and some of the females) in the Republican Party purposely chose to hide the fact that Trump was a racist, elitist, chauvinist, uncouth jerk. They knew this and yet they let his behavior slide. The GOP establishment didn’t really care that he was unfit for the Precedency. No, they waited until his inappropriate behavior was finally exposed and up in their faces. It had to be caught on camera for them to distance themselves from Mr. Trump. Had the video not appeared, they’d still be cheering him on saying he was “Great!”

Personally, I think that’s the real problem with this new extremist Republican Party that has come to exist in our country. They want to win at all costs. The truth doesn’t seem to matter any more, nor do the citizens of our country as long as they win the White House or dominate the Senate!  Certainly Trump’s derogatory comments about women and minorities have been totally ignored or dismissed. Sadly, until this latest bombshell appeared, they haven’t even wanted to address Trump’s shortcomings. Even Pence in his debate with Kaine the other night avoided answering anything about Trump, making it seem as if the GOP nominee wasn’t even in the race. It was bizarre.

Well, guess what GOP? You’ve been caught!!! And it’s too late for you to do a switcheroo now! You got yourself into this mess and now you can’t get out of it!  You had plenty of time to separate yourself from the joker who is your candidate for President. But YOU decided NOT to do anything about removing this unsuitable, reprehensible thug, when you knew full well he was an unqualified, crude, buffoon. You chose to let him represent you. You closed your eyes and ignored Mr. Trump when he spoke bigoted comments about Latinos, African Americans, The LGBT community, and laughed away his offensive comments about women. He’s YOUR guy and you and Donald Trump are joined at the hip!  You’ve got your vulgar, bigoted, crude, rude, unqualified excuse for a man and candidate.  You didn’t have the guts to remove him and select one of the more qualified members of your party. So, yes since you let this happen, enjoy your choice. You and you alone dismissed the bigotry and sexism. And because YOU opted to ignore it, it’s slammed you in the face and you have to deal with the consequences of your actions.

“Too bad so sad.” Enjoy your loss.  It will be HUGE!!!!


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  1. I totally agree! And in fact that is exactly what my next blog was going to address before this video surfaced. In the past, before I retired, my students researched the candidates, we had mock debates, all while learning about the election process. But, I would have had to skip all that for fear of what the children would have discovered about Trump in their research. He is an embarrassment! It really speaks to how awful he is when you can’t even discuss the election in school because he is such a controversial candidate!

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  2. I am fortunate to be have retired from teaching before the Trump crisis arose. I cannot imagine holding a meaningful conversation with an administrator holding these misogynistic views or having to stay leveled headed about Trump questions from my students.


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