A Trump Apocalypse

images   A Trump Apocalypse!!

I have been trying not to watch the news these last few days before the election, because I get way too upset at the realization (and the absurdity), that half of our nation is likely  to vote for Donald Trump to become the President of the United States.

That thought has me so baffled and distraught, that I have begun to binge watch just about anything on Netflix to avoid thinking about Donald Trump! Suddenly, rather than watching non stop MSNBC or CNN, I have found other types of TV to  become my  mindless entertainment, just so I don’t have to think about the possibility of impending doom in the event that Hillary doesn’t win the election.

This morning I tuned into the show “The View” to get away from anything political while I had my second cup of coffee.  However, no such luck! The moment I clicked on the tube, I discovered that Chris Wallace was their first guest! And once again I felt that deep sickening feeling in the pit of my stomach that life as I have known it for over 6 decades, was about to end. And worst of all, every time I hear anything about the election, I feel like a “huge” amount of Americans are being sucked into the “Trump Zone”. (Imagine the music from the Twilight Zone playing right now.)

Forget worrying about a zombie apocalypse, and think Doomsday, the Trump kind!!!! Which is way worse because zombies are nowhere near as scary as Donald Trump!

Ugh! Apparently, I can’t seem to get away from that misogynist  no matter how hard I try. Newscasters, even some of my friends and neighbors, and quite frankly the oddest groups of Americans I have ever observed, seem to be coming out of the woodwork and repeating his nonsensical rhetoric. It is horrifying….I feel like I am in the middle of bad B movie where the zombies have eaten the brains of half the population and the ones who are left are not shouting “Brains!” But, are doing that weird Zombie walk screeching, “Trump.” Their lips are moving, but their eyes are glossed over and their brains are completely gone. And daily I become more disheartened at the foolish, surreal behavior I am observing from what used to be perfectly normal human beings.  They are Trump Zombies who have lost all logic, all reason, and are beyond judgment and critical thinking ability. I just don’t get it!!!

For a dedicated educator like myself, to see such recklessness, such a lack of thinking,  it is disheartening. I am ashamed to watch former rational people make irrational decisions. It makes me contemplate if I will have to give up on my life’s dream of making this world a better place. Because, if a man like Donald Trump can run for President of this great nation, then we have reached a new low in standards, a new low in kindness and compassion, and a new lack of decency. Our values in the country I love, seem to have fallen by the wayside and gotten lost somewhere under the bleachers at a Trump rally.

Our political system has traveled far away from just Republican or Democrat. As this election has evolved, it has transformed from normal political banter into vicious GOP intimidation, to  out and out lies. Making dignity, class, responsibility, and actual facts no longer matter. Decades of public service are ignored and bullying is applauded. Nope, I really don’t get what happened in this election.

My goals in thinking that human beings have an innate desire to strive, to learn, to educate themselves to find the truth, and then pass it on to help one another, have been squashed by listening to the fabricated falsehoods of Mr. Trump and his tyrannical verbal accusations or his rampaged tweets. All justifying  violence!

And my desire is to go back to the philosophers of old to seek the truth, which in my estimation is pure and quite simple. If you care about others, you take the high road, and help your fellow man succeed. You fill yourself up with all the knowledge available. If you are going to become a leader, then you make sure that those who are less fortunate than yourself are taken care of and are taught how to care for themselves so they can improve the quality of their lives. And you think positively not negatively.  You uplift the country not tear it down.

So, let me try to clearly break down and explain to those of  you who have decided to vote for Trump, what you are ultimately doing:

1.You are condemning women to remain second-class citizens. Your daughters and grand daughters will learn that they can NEVER achieve no matter how hard they try or how bright they are. By voting for an unqualified Trump over an experienced Hillary, you are showing girls that they can NEVER get to the top! That even if they reach the head of the class, and are the smartest, most competent girls or women in the country, they can NOT defeat an incompetent, less qualified, brash, crude man. Simply because they are female! And because of blind prejudice.

2.  A vote for Trump means you are sentencing minorities to be treated as if they are  subhuman, and not a vital part of our society.

3.  A vote for Trump is saying that bullying is acceptable and that sexual harassment is the norm and requires no punishment for bad, disgusting behavior.

4. A vote for Trump means you are condoning bigotry and allowing sexism to overtake our Republic once again.

5.  You can kid yourself and say a vote for Trump is a vote for conservatism. But conservative values do NOT undervalue women, children, minorities, or the law. Religious freedom means that ALL faiths may worship freely NOT just one faith.

6. A vote for Donald Trump is in essence, saying that you are voting to take away every constitutional right we ever had, and every amendment we added, because Trump does not have a clue about government or our Constitution.

Make no mistake. If Donald Trump wins, the rights of women, children, minorities, will diminish, and we will travel back to the days where women died in back allies, where segregation was legal, where people who were not the majority faith, color, gender in this country were not given jobs, could not go into certain establishments ,or live any where they wanted, or marry who they love.

8. A vote for Trump is more than just a vote. It will be the end of Democracy, as we know it.


12 thoughts on “A Trump Apocalypse

  1. Jack, I too have never taken an election so personally either. My first time voting was against Nixon during his second term.( In those days you had to be 21 to vote and I was 23 in 1972, and wanted desperately to vote for Shirley Chisholm but instead voted for McGovern to block Nixon. It didn’t work obviously. That stands out in my mind very clearly. Perhaps because I was pregnant with my oldest son it is so vivid. I recall that as I drew the curtain shut (voting booths had curtains), my hands shook and I began to cry. I worried that the child I carried would have to fight in a war and I prayed that he would never have to endure the horrors that many of my friends, who were lucky enough to survive, still had to face even though they got to come home. Some returned without limbs, some with PTSD, and others MIA for decades. So, THAT was my first Presidential election that I voted in. I was always a Democrat but voted 3rd party (for John Anderson) because I thought Jimmy Carter was useless and I didn’t like Reagan, and that didn’t work out so well and taught me that 3rd party votes never ever help when you want democracy to survive. I hated the Bush (W) years and was upset at Gore’s unfair loss, but this time it was personal. Partly because I have been fighting and protesting for equality for minorities and for women since the late 60’s, writing poems, songs, and being in the first all female rock band in my state to express my concerns. (Dylan and John Lennon were my heroes of the day. ) This time, I wanted my grandkids and my former students to see that finally a woman, an amazingly qualified woman, could become President and change everything for young girls growing up. And partly because Trump was such a ridiuclous caricature of a human being. But these election results had me sobbing for days. I was distraught and I am not usually that kind of person. Anyone who studies history, as you well know, had to have seen the similarities between Trump’s rise to power and compare it to Hitler’s. (My late husband was a History professor). This is just a nightmare we are now living. I feel like my life of protesting for change and everything I have stood for is dissolving before my eyes. And I was so involved in Hillary’s campaign…. It isn’t over yet and I won’t stop fighting for equality. It’s who I am…. As a teacher, all we can do is model good behavior and enrich the souls of the students we teach. Hopefully we can enlighten them. Peace, love, and rock -n- roll. Lesley


  2. 5Howdy Lesley!

    I admire your prescience or heuvos in believing that the PG good actually win. I was convinced he wouldn’t until around 11:30 PM or so on election night. I don’t know if it is any comfort to you or not, but only about 26% of the population actually voted for him. Since his election, though, given his cabinet selections and lies, I have never been so worried in about an upcoming presidency. He is Nixon, Wilson, Harding, Jackson, and Buchanan all tossed into one horrible presidential word salad.

    Hang in there! We’ll get through this some how.


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    1. I wrote that before the election hoping to change some minds but I had dreams of impending doom and was fearful of what eventually came to pass. I haven’t been able to write since the night of the election. I still cannot fathom it. However, I am hopeful, or at least trying to be hopeful, until Dec. 19th, when the EC votes are cast. After that I will have to accept that we have elected a dictator whose right hand people might as well be wearing swastikas on their arms. I am terrified.

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      1. Howdy Lesley!

        I have never taken an election so personally. I am personally offended. I have never been so angry about an election, either. I am worried. Truly worried about the future of the planet and all life on it. I find writing helps express my anger and personal affront.

        We can find hope or at least a future in the idea that we cannot stay in crisis forever and eventually we will return to our baseline self. At least I always have in the past, so maybe this time, too.


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  3. You are correct. It will take years to calm the hatred his rants have exposed. It is really hard to imagine women voting against their own interests and rights. They have either been brainwashed or are just plain stupid.


  4. Of course, things could get worse for women, and in particular the rhetoric between the sexes will be pretty ugly. I fear there may even be more violence in that sector, too.

    From what you mentioned, the effect on minorities is the most worrying to me. What I see now is an anger along ethnic and religious lines that will only get worse regardless of the president. Trump’s campaign has brought so many extremists out of the woodwork and should he be elected, that will only serve to embolden them.


    1. I agree. Trump has taken us back decades and even if Hillary wins we will need years to heal and undo all the hatred he dug up. I don’t even want to think about our future if Trump wins. The America we know and love will cease to exist.


      1. Yeah, this election has exposed on ugliness that I have never seen before. If Trump loses, we will still be left with the anger and acrimony that was stirred up by his rhetoric. It’s irresponsible.

        By the way, there are women who support Trump who think women should not have been given the right to vote. If these women are voting or have already voted for Trump …


  5. Good point! While I’m not surprised by his original popularity, I am surprised that half the nation voted for him as the nominee simply because he was a reality star with crude behavior. And call me naive, but I truly thought more Americans were smarter and could see beyond his bravado. To think we have digressed to a country where half the population is composed of fools, bigots, and misogynists has surprised me deeply. I thought a third of the population was ridiculous and unthinking. I never realized it could actually be a majority. I am terrified !


  6. Lesley: I am sure you seen how our country has been sliding for years in producing these ignorant masses. Remember the multiple choice tests we gave as teachers that failed to measure true learning of material. Recall the silly non-challenges we faced to recertify our teaching credentials or the minimal expectations for workshops in ESOL, Computer Literacy… As a teacher/professor, I played this game to stay relevant in the system and regret that it now seems to have been a big waste of my time. In that context, Donald Trump’s popularity now is no big surprise.


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