Happy Everything!

I want to wish everyone a very Happy Holiday season.  I am lucky enough to be surrounded by a beautiful and blended family. One who shares in love and joy as we celebrate and embrace our differences, while joining together in harmony and affection.

No, this is not just a season of one holiday; it is a season of many.  I was brought up Jewish and remain faithful to my religion.  I raised my children with the customs of my ancestors. However, my late husband was not of the Jewish faith and so to honor his beliefs, we also embraced Christmas. My children felt very lucky to be able to light candles one week and wait for Santa the next. And my oldest son married a lovely Filipino woman and so they too have a blended family, which unites and cherishes traditions.

Last evening my grandchildren came by and we lit the candles for Chanukah and they opened their presents and spun the dreidel as they shared in the customs my parents and grandparents taught me.  The following day they awoke to find that Santa had visited their home and supplied them with gifts for being a good little girl and boy!!!  What lucky children!!!

I have never understood why people fight over faith.  We are more alike than different if we believe in G-d.  And even if we don’t, we are still faithful members of the human race, and owe each other kindness and compassion. It isn’t about whose traditions are better, or more important.  It’s about extending love to one another.

And so from my family to yours… Happy Everything!  May this be a season of peace and joy, filled with love. And may the coming New Year be one where we learn to unite and work together!  Peace and Love to you all!!!


Author: Lesleykluchin

I am a teacher, writer, mother, and a grandmother. I have spent the last 36 years of my life as a teacher, enriching and motivating students to find the joy in learning and developing a love for the written word. As a newly retired educator I now volunteer my time writing curriculum for an after school spoken word poetry program. In my youth before teaching, I was an actress, played in an all girl's rock band in the late 60's, and protested for equality and peace while in college. I am still very involved in political issues that will help make this planet a better place in which to live, so that my precious grandchildren can stop and smell the roses and know that our world is a thing of beauty and the people in it can be filled with love, creative attributes, and artistic endeavors. I hope my efforts to fight for equality, freedom, truth and justice will survive in this brave new world of ours. We owe it to the children to continue to push forward no matter the hardships and challenges we might face with this new administration. Peace, love, and rock-n- roll!

6 thoughts on “Happy Everything!”

  1. It’s nice to know how your family embraces multiculturalism.

    We can learn so much from each other, so yes, I agree. It is better to embrace what united us than to dwell on what divides us. But it is often hard.

    I hope you are enjoying the holidays, as well.

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