Dust In The Wind…

I awoke today with slight vertigo and a migraine headache.
So, as I sip my tea, and try to be patient until the pounding in my head dissipates (And I know it eventually will), I can’t help but hear the song, “Dust in the Wind” rolling around my brain.

With the Trump Inauguration tomorrow, my hopes and dreams have been temporarily shattered. The causes I fought my entire life for seem to be disappearing and floating away before my eyes.

The struggle for equality, all our precious freedoms- including freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the rights of EVERY human being to matter – from the severely handicapped to the most brilliant of minds, for the poor to have as many opportunities as the wealthy, for medicine to be available to every person on the planet, for scientific discoveries to be applauded and encouraged, for the creative arts to be honored and appreciated and studied in schools around the country, for people of all genders who love one another to be able to share that love, and finally, to at last see a qualified woman become our President… all those dreams now seem to be just dust in the wind…


My Parents, right after WWII ended and my father had just returned home from the war.