Dust In The Wind…

I awoke today with slight vertigo and a migraine headache.
So, as I sip my tea, and try to be patient until the pounding in my head dissipates (And I know it eventually will), I can’t help but hear the song, “Dust in the Wind” rolling around my brain.

With the Trump Inauguration tomorrow, my hopes and dreams have been temporarily shattered. The causes I fought my entire life for seem to be disappearing and floating away before my eyes.

The struggle for equality, all our precious freedoms- including freedom of speech and freedom of the press, the rights of EVERY human being to matter – from the severely handicapped to the most brilliant of minds, for the poor to have as many opportunities as the wealthy, for medicine to be available to every person on the planet, for scientific discoveries to be applauded and encouraged, for the creative arts to be honored and appreciated and studied in schools around the country, for people of all genders who love one another to be able to share that love, and finally, to at last see a qualified woman become our President… all those dreams now seem to be just dust in the wind…


My Parents, right after WWII ended and my father had just returned home from the war.


6 thoughts on “Dust In The Wind…

  1. It is important to be optimistic. I am too. Writing helps me focus my frustrations and put them into words. We must unite to resist the negative direction of this new administration and peacefully get America back on track. We owe our youth a free, progressive society to grow up in.


  2. It’s times like these that I cross my fingers and my toes. I’m determined to keep hope alive with all the love I have in my own heart. I’m going to do all I can to live my highest and best life, which means being of service when and how I can. I’m sure I can find at least one positive thing about every negative thing. I still hear freedom ringing. Peace has still got a chance. I’m glad the wind blows ’cause I know it’s going to whisk some of what I haven’t got the strength to bear away, far far away. Let us pray!

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    1. I hope and pray you are right. I wake up every morning with a positive attitude, but some days watching what is happening in Washing, I feel disheartened. The reality for me, is that I must go back to my revolutionary roots from the 1960’s. When I stood hand in hand in a sea of all colors and genders and marched for peace and equality. I did not think I would still have to be doing this at 67, but I guess that is perhaps, why our generation was made so strong. We were needed then to be courageous to march with MLK and here we are now once again together marching once more.

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      1. I love that ladies like yourself were on-site. You know, and could teach how important it is to be strong and of One Voice. You probably have seen some changes, but know that our government has to be reminded through rallies that occurred, who they are dealing Now. They need to know that We are not to be toyed with. We no longer wait on others to make our decisions, or make up our minds. We are even more together, and are only getting Louder. The most important thing is staying the course away from the demonstrations. I feel good about the take-a-way this time. In case you haven’t guessed Lesley…I’m an optimist!


  3. Sad for now but we just gotta keep fighting. I think we were all getting a little complacent. Freedom isn’t free and I don’t think the millennial generation got that until now. So we go back to the barricades and let our children lead the way to a better world. It’s in their hands now. Just like the greatest generation rose to the challenge of fascism, so must this generation rise. If we’ve taught them well they will be up to the job. 👍

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    1. Yes, we will let our children lead the way. Somehow, I think they will succeed. And if they don’t, our grandchildren most certainly will! I am not giving up hope, just sad to see our efforts thwarted. I imagine the Jews in Germany never saw what was coming either. At least we can learn from their endurance and try to conjure up their strength and fortitude to push forward. Onward and upward!! ✌️💕😘


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