We All Should be Wonder Woman!

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We All should be Wonder Woman!

Last night I FINALLY got around to seeing the new “Wonder Woman” movie. Subsequently, I felt empowered, inspired, and more ready than ever to fight for equality and justice for everyone on the planet!

The film was terrific! Directed by a woman, it took on an entirely different approach to a super hero, showing that when a woman is at the helm, not only can she be strong, intelligent, and capable, but she can do it without revenge and with love in her heart. I think that is why more women need to have leadership roles in our country and around the world. The movie brought up that theme in many ways. The Amazon society in this film was about unity, appreciation, community, responsibility, strength, and caring. It survived on resilience, honor, and intelligence and love for humanity. Qualities in my mind that go along with being female.

I pre- ordered the film on Xfinity knowing that someday when my grand daughter gets a little older, we would watch it together. And the extra video clips that come along when you purchase the film, included spoken word poetry, inspirational thoughts from the director and other contributors of the film, as well as technical details, costumes, historical information about the original Wonder Woman, and a noted call for peace and unity in the world.

*What I found especially fascinating was that the athletic trainers noted a huge difference in preparing a group of women to become fit and strong for their roles as Amazons, in contrast to how men react and respond during similar strength training. They said men usually become competitive and aggressive, whereas the women were continuously supportive and encouraged one another. Each time a woman succeeded, she was applauded for her efforts by the other women in the group. They worked as a united team rather than individuals. YES, imagine that!!! They worked together. A completely different experience from the way men train. The director selected female athletes from all over the world, including women of all races and all nationalities, and trained them for five months. And so to everyone’s delight, the women  became more united the more they trained. They WERE Amazons!

Of course, I have to admit, that I could not hold back tears of joy seeing a Sabra play the heroic role of Wonder Woman. A young Israeli woman chosen to lead the fight against the forces of evil in order to save humanity. That was the icing on the cake for me!!!

Quite honesty, I cried, I smiled, and I felt pride as a woman as I watched this film. It made me feel like I was a warrior too. That I could achieve any goal I set for myself, or I’d die trying to accomplish it! And that is what I have always believed. That we women can change the world for the better. We can do it because we are able to unite and fight for freedom more easily than men. (We don’t seem to let ego get in the way.) And not only can we do it, we do it with love in our hearts!   So far, men have muddled things up pretty badly. Therefore, it is time for women to make sure that justice prevails. We ALL can be Wonder Women! We can do this!!!!!

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