The Wild West of America!



This morning I was drinking a cup of coffee and watching the news still reeling from yesterday’s heartbreaking mass shooting that took place in a church and killed 25 people (Thus far).

So… A man with domestic battery on his record, who was discharged from the military, let go after a few months working as an unarmed security guard, was able to buy an assault weapon. But hey, we don’t need stricter gun laws?
The reporter said a local store sold him an assault rifle , even though he shouldn’t have been able to buy one. How could this have happened? Oh right, our gun laws don’t identify restricted people nationwide. What a concept! I mean, time after time some lunatic purchased a machine gun legally even though they shouldn’t have been able to. Until we ban deadly assault weapons these mass shootings will continue, and continue, and continue…

This country has turned into a modern version of Tombstone. We now live in the “Wild West of America”. A country with no regard for human life, but rather, a bromance with assault rifles. A nation where the GOP’s family values consist of worshiping NOT G-d, but the NRA. (And for clarification I’m NOT against the 2nd amendment. I just want safer common sense gun laws.)

Our President said this is a mental health issue. I agree. The mental health of our Republican Congress is indeed distorted and sick. Our representatives care more for the All powerful NRA than the citizens who elected them to protect and serve. Our Commander in chief appears devoid of compassion and prays to the all mighty dollar, while Congress refuses to help communities and individuals. Is it because they have easy lives with paid healthcare benefits? They rarely show up at work, and when they do they seem to care only about themselves and their party or crushing the other party even at the expense of our citizens. They have forgotten their responsibilities, how to compromise, and what being an American representative is all about.

As far as I’m concerned, They can all go to hell. I’ve often expressed my anger and frustration at this new inflexible and selfish GOP, but I’ve never wished ill will towards any of them (or any human being for that matter) before in my life.  Even 45, who I don’t care for.  However, I’ve finally had enough of their opportunistic, egotistical, cruel behavior!  Too many children and innocents have died at the hands of home grown terrorists with assault weapons that nobody but our military should have.

So, this time I’m condemning the members of Congress who won’t make safer gun laws to rot in Hell for the countless murders they have committed!  Until we ban these assault weapons and make safer gun laws they are ALL murderers! So murderer McConnell and Killer Ryan and all the rest of the cowards who bow down to DT and the NRA can dance with the Devil, since it’s obvious they’ve already sold their souls… and anyone who continues to vote for these heartless, cruel monsters can join them in the flames for eternity.

Yes, I’m mad. Enough is enough! Our President AND the GOP Congress are as much to blame had they put their hands on the trigger! Murderers every one of them!



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    1. To the end of the world? Gosh! Thank you. Let’s hope the world has no end and therefore we can dance and laugh and make our own pathways so everyone can walk together. But if I have to lead then I’m grateful to have you following. 😉

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  1. Davy D

    Lesley, from a UK perspective it is heartbreaking to see the slaughter and lack of response from the politicians you are experiencing over there. It seems that the NRA has more power than Congress itself and it is difficult to understand how that could be. I was watching a news report about the Texas shootings and one interviewee was asked what the solution to the gun problem was and they replied “God and more guns.” It left me speechless.


    1. It leaves 90 percent of Americans speechless too. Most Americans, even gun owners, want safer gun laws and to ban assault weapons. But the elected Republican Representatives in Congress received money from the NRA and so they do their bidding. It is tragic. The Democrats vote to change the laws and the GOP, who are in power, vote no each and every time. It is tragic. I am beyond devastated as are most of the citizens in this country. It is difficult to understand. Thank you so much for your heartfelt comment.

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  2. You are perfectly right.the possession of a gun is not the problem the problem is the law regulating who can buy a gun.also if you go hunting or clay pigeon or you simply want defend yourself you do not need an assault weapon.My husband is an hunter like his father and grandfather were,I shoot clay pigeon sometimes but I am ashamed of how easy is to buy a gun even because all these massacre are committed with legal weapons not even bought at the black market.


    1. You are so correct. It would be so easy to regulate this. If they can track our phones, track what we buy with credit cards, Why can’t they track these Assault rifles? It makes no sense. 90 percent of gun owners even agree with safer laws and yet Congress won’t act on this to save lives because they are beholden to the NRA. It’s shameful.

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      1. I have to say here in Ireland is pretty easy to get a firearm license too but they are very specific in the use you apply for it and you only find shotgun for game shooting or sporting purposes .they required lessons and a safe in the house and pistols must be kept at the gun club.What it concerns us that here like in italy there are no mental health checks.

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      2. That’s interesting. Here in Florida they require classes and testing to get a license. But in some states they are not as diligent. And at gun shows I’ve been told they are very lax selling dangerous weapons to anyone. That’s very scary. There’s no reason for this madness. Unfortunately the Republican Congress is the majority and won’t change the laws. It’s disheartening.

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