2017 – A Year of Losses.


WHAT A YEAR!!!!  2017 began with heartache and loss. The loss of an election that shattered my hopes and dreams of seeing a woman lead our country.

The loss of decency in “The People’s House”, where buffoonery and illiteracy overshadowed intelligence and eloquence. The loss of a free press and of a nation that was admired around the world.

The loss of a country, which supported diversity. Replacing a true leader and gaining a figurehead that turned facts into fake news and who criticized, and accused rather than uniting.

Yet, all through 2017, I brushed away tears and persevered pushing forward to hold fast to the convictions that right defeats wrong, that good overcomes evil, that love trumps hate.  This year has been one of many losses and I am left hollow, bereft, and fatigued.

December rolled around with the passing of one of my dearest friends, who danced with the demon Cancer. That shadowy, smarmy figure that ravished her body but never touched her kind soul.

Yes, 2017 was filled with so many losses. But, I have never been one to hold grudges, or stay down for very long, so I will rise in 2018 to meet new challenges.

I go into this New Year NOT wiping away the slate. No, to me, wiping away slates erases history. Deletes the 6 million who died from the hands of a dictator, ignores bigotry, misogyny and evil. NO! I do NOT forget. Because to forget means we erase history and we cannot learn if we forget. But I DO move forward.

I pledge to move forward and continue to work towards equality for ALL in 2018. For EVERY citizen of the world. Every man, woman and child. For every gender and anything in between the lines. I promise to value each and every one of you. And I promise to help as long as I am able. THIS is what I promise to do in 2018. NOT to wipe away the past. BUT TO USE THE PAST TO MAKE OUR FUTURE BETTER!!!!

Because we have a leader who is obsessed with the word GREAT, I have thought long and hard about how to do my best to achieve that goal. Greatness is defined as being admired and respected; yet to me it is much more than that. In my opinion, greatness is promoting the welfare of others. Looking to those less fortunate than ourselves and helping them. Making sure they are clothed and fed, educated and given shelter. Helped to be able to stand on their own. And taking care of those who cannot stand any more. Those who are sick, or elderly need our respect and our kindness. THAT is what I will be doing in 2018.

I will be helping, working, dreaming, creating, and making sure that ALL our citizens get a chance to live, learn, and be productive members of society.

I am energized now. I look forward to helping change the lives of those in need. 2017 kicked my behind. In 2018, I kick back!!! Happy New Year.  Welcome 2018!

2782797-wonder_woman_new_yearHappy Happy New Year! Welcome 2018.