What is Congress Teaching Our Children?


I’m watching the news and waiting anxiously to see if we are going to have another government shutdown. The clock is ticking…

I am so relieved that I am finally retired and not teaching in the classroom any more. Gifted students ask questions and while I never got political or took sides (Not ever!) when I taught school, it would be really hard to answer questions honestly during these trying times.

With Congress acting like bullies and non compromising fools, how do parents and teachers expect children to “play nicely” when our leaders and representatives are always fighting and finger pointing? It’s like Kindergarten! My new name for them is: KINDERGARTEN CONGRESS!!!

And NOW we have a leader who wants to spend a fortune on a parade???? Good Lord, you just know gifted students would come into school and want to debate that issue. So, I would have to let THEM debate and stay out of any political implications (And boy would that be hard.)

But, teachers have NO business pushing any agenda in school. So, I would have the students brainstorm topics, let them break into groups, do research, and then based on their data have a debate. It sure would be interesting to see what the students  think about everything happening in the world right now. I wouldn’t rate them on being right or wrong, but on their research skills, presentation ability, logic, and teamwork etc.

And MAYBE, just maybe, I’d have a group of youngsters who actually learned a lesson from seeing all this bad behavior from the people who are supposed to be in charge. MAYBE they would learn that intelligence, reason, patience, education, compromise, open-mindedness, willingness to listen to one another, is the best way to help the American people.

And just MAYBE a few of those children might run for office some day. Now wouldn’t that be grand?

I am still hopeful that this mess we are watching every day will be a lesson for what NOT to do when our kids grow up. Let’s hope!!!



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  1. Thank you. I think it is important to be honest without being judgmental or pushing our own views. Children look up to their teachers thus giving us a certain amount of power. We can’t abuse that. Plus, elementary school children are easily appeased with satisfying answers that don’t necessarily have to go into extensive detail, if you know what I mean. And there is usually a child or two every year who quotes their parents so we pretty much know what their folks are all about. Lol
    We all have some wild stories, don’t we? 😉


  2. I think your approach is great, and really what a good teacher has to do. You can’t weigh in with your personal views as an educator, but you sure don’t want to turn your back on what’s going on in the world. I keep hearing about lots of children of immigrants who are just freaked out with fear. Years ago, when was a first-grade teacher and times were considerably less chaotic, one of my students asked me if I believed in God (I was aware she was from a fundamentalist Christian family and that it was a big topic for her). I told her that though I didn’t belong to any particular religion, I had always considered myself a very spiritual person. Thus was I able to duck the difficult.


  3. Davy D

    A good thought provoking post Lesley and what you say mirrors in some ways what is happening over here in the UK. I saw some of the footage of your Congress debate and how would a teacher act if pupils behaved in that way in a classroom? It seems that certain elected people are now operating with their own agendas and have forgotten why they were elected in the first place. Their attitudes and behaviour has a knock on effect throughout society. I Iike your teaching methods, we could do with you as Minister for Education over here in the UK.

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  4. Yes Ruth, you are so correct. It would be torture if the students approved of the President. LOL
    Thankfully, most of the time gifted students are liberal simply because they are THINKERS. I used to sit back during ideological debates and listen to them use reason. They are not as jaded as adults and look at things as simply gathering facts and deducing a result based on the scientific method.
    However, while I couldn’t give my opinion I COULD play Socrates and ASK questions like, “How do you think you would feel if I said what the President did about people in our class who were Hispanic or from Haiti?” I COULD ask that question without giving my opinion and let them discuss it. No doubt they would be hurt and horrified if I said something bigoted like that and then I could say something like…. “Should a teacher or person in power speak like that about another group of people?” I think they would suddenly realize how inappropriate 45 is without saying a word for or against him.
    Sooooo I could actually get students thinking openly without ever saying how I think or feel.However, I WOULD NOT do that in elementary school but in high school I think it is appropriate. My oldest grand daughter has one teacher in HS who came out and said the U.S. has to stop letting immigrants in. I was furious when I heard that. Keep in mind, my grand daughter’s mom is a US citizen now but came over in her teens as an immigrant. What THAT teacher did, in my opinion, is wrong and he was pushing his own agenda, I think Democrats are often too politically correct. Bigots seem to push their ideas on others all too often.


  5. I could never have done this. I see how the skill of debating is important but I would never be able to keep my mouth shut. You would be sitting there and smiling but on the inside, depending on what was said smiling or boiling!!!


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