The Parkland Poets

Please take a moment out of your day to watch and listen to a group of students who are part of a network of poets, and a Foundation, for which I have had the honor of volunteering my time. Listen how they turned tragedy into poetry.


7 thoughts on “The Parkland Poets

  1. Yes, the students from MSD are pretty amazing.The school, which is just down the road from me, is amazing and as I wrote in a previous blog, my community was shocked and heartbroken when this tragedy occurred. We have not recovered yet. Thanks So much for stopping by.


  2. One can not imagine the trauma these students went through. But expressing their emotions through writing poetry this way is the best possible medicine to help them all heal.
    Such a wonderful project you volunteer for. And so valuable in giving your time.
    Each student should be proud of their own courage and creativity.
    Thank you for sharing their video.
    Take care Sue.

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    1. I’m so glad you appreciated it. The program is amazing and what started out as a network just in south Florida has now grown to reach the entire state. Students from all walks of life connect and share their creative voices. It’s a beautiful thing.


  3. Yes, these young people are amazing and strong. They took their art and their trauma and combined it into something productive. Thank you so much for watching. A former student of mine, Chris Clark, who works at channel 6, produced the video. He is an Emmy award winning journalist and producer.


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