How Do We Fight Washington Bullies and Still Retain Our Dignity?



I had an epiphany of sorts this morning while watching AM Joy. As I drank my morning cup of half caff listening to Joy Reid and a panel of mostly women discuss the Kavanaugh hearings, a young combative woman, who was defending Brett K, started shouting. She was talking over everyone else, spewing utter nonsense, blaming every Democrat on the planet. It suddenly hit me!!!! This belligerent behavior is being demonstrated by not only angry old white men, it has become the new acceptable temperament of right wing conservatives.

Now, this revelation may have already been figured out by most of you, but I tend to be stuck in La La land when it comes to thinking people have an agenda. I am naive that way and still back in a 1960’s frame of mind. (Where I think everyone believes in peace and love, and cares about their fellow man.)
So, it is difficult for me to think human beings, especially women, can just shout down and bully others to deflect opponents from presenting their truth. But, suddenly, when I realized this young girl (I originally wrote lady but her behavior was so uncivil that I couldn’t call her a lady), was pulling a “Trumpism” and saying anything just to fill in the space so the other women on the panel couldn’t be heard. I understood that this belligerent behavior is a tactic used by many Republicans. They shout, scream, blame any Democrat that comes to mind, deflect the issues to go somewhere else, and hope their accusations make everyone at the table so uncomfortable that they forget the real facts.
No wonder Lindsey Graham and Kavahaugh went full on Trump at the hearings. That kind of shocking aggressive behavior stops serious, mindful Democrats in their tracks. That is why Hillary ignoring Trump’s crassness was considered weak, instead of her taking the high road and just ignoring his brashness. If she lost her temper they would say she was just a female having a tantrum. If she ignored his ridiculousness she was considered fragile. If she confronted him she was told she was shrill. She couldn’t win because she wasn’t male.

We are now living in a time when reason is being overpowered by rude absurdity! Where adults acting like toddlers having irrational tantrums are applauded rather than reprimanded.

Apparently, now that John McCain is gone the truth doesn’t matter to the GOP. Kindness doesn’t seem to matter either. We all know it is considered by our President to be a weak strategy.

So what do we do next? Lose our dignity and become monsters as well? No, we don’t do that. But…
They want force? I say how about might instead? We liberals, progressives, whatever you want to call Democrats; it really doesn’t matter. Those of us who want the truth, who care about minorities, healthcare, and equality, and want all citizens to be as empowered as the white men currently making our laws, need to be united (NOT squabbling over minor particulars or how progressive we are).
We need to fight back barbaric behavior with facts, force, and fundamental reasoning.

We CAN overpower the GOP with the power of numbers at the polls. By reminding them what our constitution really says, and by standing for human rights and equality!

We can never back down. We must DEMAND justice. We cannot cower in the shadows because shouting entitled males in the majority think they can bully us into silence. NO! We keep repeating our truth to them over and over and over again!!! In numbers.

Forcefulness does not mean we lose our decorum, our integrity, or our kindness. We do not need to play the blame game or lose our souls by putting party over the people of this  great country. But, we do need to expose the truth. And keep throwing that up in the face of liars who were elected to represent us, not their pocketbooks, or the President.

We can do this! Get out and let your vote be your voice! Be heard! Let’s get back our dignity and our Country! Our fight is not new.  Women (and men) have always fought for change. But each time we join together we reach new heights.  Join me!!! #Voteblue



8 thoughts on “How Do We Fight Washington Bullies and Still Retain Our Dignity?

  1. Powerful assessment of a sorry mess of a situation. Bravo. I hope your voice is heard. Getting out the vote is what is required, and that takes every single person doing what they can. When we had similar concerns north of the border (well, actually our situation paled in comparison to the new world order under Trump, or lack thereof, but for those of us with a similar mindset to yours, we wanted change), people came out to help by calling people on voters lists, driving people to the polling stations, etc. People felt empowered insofar as they were at least involved, engaged, and doing their part in working for change. And it worked! We’ll be rooting for you.

  2. My thoughts exactly! Democrats head for the hills when the repubs come after them all claws and breathing fire. We get drowned out by their shouting circus. You are so right. We need to band together and speak our truth to power. That’s what Hillary didn’t do. She was so busy being circumspect that she disappeared into the backgroud of his tweets and lies. She never doubled down on truth. She let him lead America down the primrose path and never fought back with truth and reality. He said he was going to give America a better health care plan. Did she ever say, “ok Donald, lay that out for us.” He made so many promises that she never called him on. Oh what’s the use? We are where we are. So get out and VOTE VOTE VOTE like your life depended on it cause it does!!!

  3. EXACTLY! I think she was so afraid of being chastised for being a woman who knows too much. The reality is women NEED to go point by point. We are smarter than rhetoric. We can hit harder with facts and rub those in the faces of Republicans. The lesson here is we cannot ignore bad behavior and assume it will go away. It will not. We must PUSH it back with might. And right is might!!!!! Thanks for responding PoetLady!!!

  4. “Those of us who want the truth, who care about minorities, healthcare, and equality, and want all citizens to be as empowered as the white men currently making our laws, need to be united (NOT squabbling over minor particulars or how progressive we are).”

    Exactly. Much of the left/progressive movement, being rich in ideas, revering intellectual pursuit, has always wasted a lot of chances squabbling among ourselves over the fine points. The far-right has only one focus–more MONEY for the rich. They don’t squabble. They close ranks.

    I agree 100% that we on the left need to SPEAK UP at every opportunity about what’s really going on. The agenda of the far-right/Koch brothers billionaires is NOT a secret. They want to rewrite the Constitution to disenfranchise everyone but themselves and do away with all government restrictions on their right to pollute, cheat workers, etc. These are facts. They have been meticulously documented by numerous research journalists. We are watching the plan unfold.

    Now is not the time to squabble about who’s the most progressive or whether someone’s too left. Now is the time for everyone who wants to save the planet, and doesn’t want to throw their fellow human beings under the bus, to UNITE. We can work out the fine points later.

    1. I so agree with you Amy. Perfectly stated. We must unite. The passion for change tends to branch out into Different subgroups, keeping us from uniting and achieving our goals.

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