A Bomb Scare In My Neighborhood!


This morning suspicious packages were sent to CNN, The Clintons, The Obamas, and Representative Debbie Wasserman- Schultz’s office. (There may be more as the day unfolds.) Besides being shocked, worried, and angry, I am also afraid! Why? Because my neighborhood is currently under a bomb watch. 

You see, I live in Florida and my community is not far from Representative Wasserman – Shultz’s office. Apparently, if you are a Democrat in this country you are no longer safe in your home or at work. Especially, after the President holds one of his MAGA rallies and stirs up hostility.

Those of you who still support this administration, and yes, you do have that right, seem to be living with blinders on. Can you not see the hatred and division this leader is creating? He is inciting violence every time he speaks to a crowd.

When my home, my safety, and the safety of my family and friends is threatened each and every time the current President has a hate rally, then I say enough is enough!!!  We are living under the threat of home grown terrorism every single day in this country. If you haven’t figured that out yet, then you aren’t listening.

Only Democrats were targeted along with the free press today, and that speaks volumes. Especially, when the leader of the free world says to his fans that he will reward those in the crowd who go after the free press and the Democrats. What kind of leader does that? Our President, no matter which party he supports, is supposed to represent ALL Americans. His job is to unite us, not divide us. And he is hell bent on dividing and taking away our freedom and our rights.

 By the way, I do have to thank the secret service for their bravery in protecting the citizens of this country and my city this morning. However, in the mean time, the local news stations say my city is under a bomb threat because as I stated, DWS’s office is just down the road from my home.

I am a woman who has lived more than 6 decades and I have seen many Presidents come and go. But until now I have never feared for my life, or that of my family, or my community. Not until number 45 took office. 

I guess this is what happens when our President makes friends with dictators and murderers, and preaches hatred to win votes. My life and the lives of my state representatives, Republican or Democrat, should not be threatened in a democracy. My fellow citizens should not be told to stay in doors because of a bomb threat. We are not supposed to be at war here in America. And not amongst ourselves!!!!

As long as this President continues his attacks on Democrats and the media, then these home- grown terrorist attacks against American citizens will continue. And people will get hurt.  The leader of the free world needs to “man up” and tell people to STOP! And he needs to cease creating division and hatred whenever he speaks!! If he continues to act like a white nationalist then he alone is the one responsible for these Nazi- like tactics and terrorist behavior that occur shortly after his rallies. 

Yes, I blame this President for preaching animosity at every one of his gatherings. I have yet to hear him say anything positive. Why can’t he have only positive rallies? Remember when the crowds shouted “Yes We Can.” People were motivated to make changes for the good. Now all they want to do is kill anyone who looks or thinks differently from the President. I say let the President tell his supporters about all his constructive ideas and stop with the fear mongering. His scare tactics are frightening our children and hurting our country. My grandchildren think he is a big bully. They are afraid of him. No child should be afraid of the leader of their country. I always revered our Presidents growing up. Now the President scares little children.

The GOP better open their eyes and step up. They need to develop the courage to stop supporting this man when he makes abhorrent comments and threats. Or tell him no when he decides to pass ridiculous policies that go against good American principles. I have to believe that there are still some decent Republicans left and that all the good ones didn’t give in to Trumpism after John McCain died.

This President needs to take some responsibility and start thinking before he makes fake accusations against people. Because every person he denigrates in his speeches is now being attacked with bombs or bomb threats.

We can’t let this continue to happen in our country.  Stop the hatred! #Stop the violence!  #VOTEBLUE!


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  1. You definitely convey a message through your poetry. Yes, little by little we WILL be heard. I believe that.
    Lance,your poetry is very special. It is much like fine bone china. Quite beautiful to look at, yet when you hold it up to the light, you can see through the delicate porcelain and gaze at a plethora of images behind the pattern. You write with crisp clear images… sometimes using a whimsical or a formal style, and other times I get a real bold sense of feisty images. You bring out emotions through your words. Really a breath of fresh air. Quite unlike anything I have read in ages.
    Ah yes, Peter Paul and Mary… they were quite wonderful weren’t they? I first saw them in person down in Coral Gables in the late 60’s, across from the U of Miami at a little coffee house called “The Flick”. They were so young. But years later their voices and their passion was just as inspirational. That little intimate coffee house I frequented in the 60’s had many talented people before they became really famous. A few years before I saw PP&M, for my 16th birthday I got to see Bob Dylan in Ft. Lauderdale. Front row seats!!! Such a tiny little man in a velvet jacket, but what amazing poetry he wrote to music. Crazy, kookie, brilliant Dylan. And two years later I saw Jimi Hendrix play…. Janis in 1968 …So many wonderful artists at the Miami Pop Festival…. sorry having some lovely flashbacks….


    1. Lesley, you paint such vivid, almost lifelike images of your work, my poetry, vocal artists- it’s very enlightening and refreshing at the same time. You having seen some of the great recording artists of our time is a priceless. I have always been a huge Beatle fan, although never having the immense pleasure in seeing them in concert. What a joy, an enlightenment it is to read your pastels of beauty, strife, of living breathing life itself. And, I thank you for that.

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    1. Gosh! Thank you so much. I watch the news and get upset. All I can do is write what’s in my heart. I can still try to make changes. I can march and I can teach tolerance and love to my grandchildren. Beyond that the only thing I can do is blog about what is going on. My community seems to be constantly in the news. MSD is down the road from me, DWS is a neighbor, and the local Democratic Office is right around the corner. And now a former colleague of mine, Brenda Snipes is under scrutiny for Broward County’s ballots. Every day it seems like Fred Rogers is singing about the people in my neighborhood!
      Thank you for your kind words. My blogs help me cope with the nightmare of what is happening in this country right now. They are raw and unedited, but filled with feeling… I feel like now we should sit down, hold hands, and sing a Peter Paul and Mary song… ✌️ https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ld6fAO4idaI

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      1. You’re very welcome, Lesley! That’s the best way to write- what’s in your heart. I express my anger and frustration through my poetry. Fingering the oppressors, trying to convey a message in everything I write. Little by little, we will be heard. Thank you for taking a stand. And, it is my sincere pleasure. Peter Paul and Mary- the perfect choice. Thank you!

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  2. I live with one of them, an otherwise intelligent man, my second son. What I find most frightening is that he actually blinds himself to the damage trump is doing to our country, world opinion, and the environment. He is hurting the most vulnerable among us, those who for any reason cannot fight back. I try with words. I am happy to see you doing the same. I insulate myself by refusing to discuss politics with him, hoping that he will eventually see that the damage trump is doing is actually harming his own mother, an elderly woman on Social Security who relies on Medicare to even continue life itself.

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    1. Yes, Barbara it is indeed difficult to understand how intelligent people can join the Trump cult. I know several teachers who I worked with who feel the same as your son. It will take them time to get over Trump’s influence.
      I too am on social security and medicare, so I am terrified that if either is cut or destroyed my life will be in shambles. I THINK that many younger people cannot relate until they themselves are faced with the same dilemmas. It is very scary for us over 60 folks. I am a widow in my 60’s so I understand your fears first hand. All we can do is write about it and try to enlighten others. I have joined two local Democratic clubs/groups. One is just for women only and one is for both men and women. There is a LARGE senior population among the members, and once a month we meet and usually have a speaker. We were able to get all the candidates in a forum to debate in person so we could ask them questions. It makes me feel better to know that I am not alone in this fight for our freedom.
      And women have finally decided to fight back in numbers. I graduated college in 1971. At that time I would get flyers for the new magazine by Gloria Steinem (Ms.) that was coming out in 1972. I signed up early to get a subscription and have been fighting for women’s equality since that time. In 1975 (Then declared by the United Nations The year of the Woman) I was a newly divorced single mom with a baby to support. So I know well the struggles and challenges women have had to endure over the years. That is why I am so proud of these women who have run for office. I wouldn’t have had their courage at their age.
      in the mid 1970’s I couldn’t get a credit card in my name because I was no longer married and couldn’t buy a home. There were schools that wouldn’t hire me because I was divorced. So we HAVE come a long way. By the results of the midterms it shows just how far women have come. So don’t give up. Trump and his buddies are very threatened by smart, articulate women. But we are here to stay. Keep writing and expressing yourself. You are NOT alone.

      And we cannot control our children. They are who they are. My sons are almost 16 years apart in age due to two different marriages.Luckily, they both voted blue and we pretty much agree on politics. But up until Trump, neither one was actively involved. They thought their Mom was a nut being a feminist of sorts. But now my oldest is a father and so he thinks like a dad and worries about the safety of his children. My younger son is in the film business. (Watch the TV show “The Resident” on Monday nights, He is an assistant director on the show when he isn’t making movies). But he lives in Atlanta and for the first time has seen that while Georgia has a diverse amazing culture, there are indeed pockets of bigotry in the area. A rude awakening for a kid who grew up in a very diverse Florida area with liberal family members and friends.

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  3. These are frightening times, brought on (yes, actually encouraged) by the scaremonger, hatemonger in chief. How we have endured this abomination for two long years I cannot imagine. And, of course, I see the parallels between what is going on now and Nazi Germany. We are watching a modern-day hitler emerge. And he will if we cannot stop him at the polls. At least enough of us remember that dark history well enough to sound the alarm.

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    1. Oh Barbara that is perfectly stated and exactly how I feel. Thank you so much for responding. I pray we can stop him. But, rest assured, history will reflect poorly on this modern day Hitler. What is the scariest of all for me, is realizing the large amount of people who I thought I knew well, but who actually like this monster. I will never understand his popularity and those who support him.


  4. You are exactly right. We play the hand we are dealt. A good lesson learned. Idealism is Wonderful but realism is imperative when voting. We categorically saw who candidate Trump was. He showed us during the campaign and so there was only one logical choice. Sadly, many young voters haven’t been around long enough to comprehend this. However, now that we see the increase in violence and attacks on minorities, we must vote blue until he’s gone. Then we can be more discerning. What a mess indeed!


  5. I hope you can hear me applauding you long and loud all the way from Massachusetts. I have been planning to drop by here and comment for several days now, and before I could the Pittsburgh Tree of Life Synagogue massacre happened–more tRUMP-inspired death. You nail it here when you talk about Obama’s “Yes We Can” idealism and the role of a president in inspiring us with a constructive vision of our country and its future. I feel pretty certain we get out of tRUMP exactly what he has to give: Nothing constructive or unifying, only invective, hate, veiled (and not so veiled) calls to violence.

    I know many folks stayed home in 2016 because they weren’t so wild about Hillary. I preferred Bernie myself, but did vote for Hillary because we must play from the hand we hold and not the one we wish we had. Because waiting for the perfect candidate, the one without fault, and sitting it out …that’s why we’re in the mess we’re in.


  6. I agree with you, I am sorry that you are so directly affected, but really we all are when the public discourse has evolved into a second grade recess fight. Even if I didn’t agree with a President or public official, things were civil and not so devisive. The divide in this country is getting worse by the day and it starts at the top. It is hard to think you can do anything to help when the President is egging people on like a scared bully.

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    1. Exactly! It’s the responsibility of our leaders to unite this country and he’s doing the opposite. A man was just arrested driving a van covered in Trump stickers in Plantation Fl. That’s five min. from my community. FBI is on it, thank goodness. But our Pres. has still not taken responsibility for his negative comments that continue to incite despicable actions.


  7. Lesley, you make the case so well. It is difficult for many/most of us north of the US border to understand how so many otherwise thinking and caring individuals, living in the richest and strongest country in the world, the country that is/has been arguably the cradle of modern democracy, preaching equality for all, a self-proclaimed land of immigrants, can continue to buy into Trump’s hateful, divisive rhetoric. We will all watch the elections on Nov 6 with hope. With hope both for the US and the world. Stay safe and live with hope.

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    1. Thank you Jane. It’s difficult for us here to try and comprehend how and why so many Republicans still support Trump. I guess now we understand how Hitler rose to power and through fear so many German citizens stayed silent as their neighbors were shot or carted off to death camps. I live with fear but with hope too. However, I have have also learned that I would gladly sacrifice my life for my country if it meant my grandchildren could live in a free democratic society once again.✌️❤️

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  8. 🙂 Lesley I’m going to collect my thoughts and reply later. You have a divisive President, I live in a country divided by Brexit…………….. don’t you wish for the good ole days when life was simpler!

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    1. Yes! The good old days with Obama. And it’s only been two years since Obama and yet it seems like a decade that this nightmare of a President has been in office. Even I give him the benefit of the doubt and say he doesn’t realize his speeches and actions cause harmful repercussions. There is still no excuse for his actions. He is dividing our country rather than leading.

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      1. :/ I’d guess News stories such as the Honduran migrant caravan won’t help America’s situation, we have similar migration issues and experiences and I try to be positive but what’s to do? Brexit is actually beginning to get me down but there you are for once I’ll have to put faith in politicians (hate doing that) and hope they can come up with answers! White working class insecurities are ever so easy to tap into and history teaches us nothing really changes. Recently I listened to Nuremburg speeches given by Hitler on YouTube, NOT because I either understand how to speak German OR agree with far right sensibilities, but viewing this ridiculous little man in full flow was frightening, yet at the same time interesting to watch how a megalomaniac controls and appeals to an audience, you know whipping them into a fearful frenzy which had such dangerous and uncontrollable consequences. Put it this way over these past 3 years I’ve listened to far too many similar British speeches containing similar anti migrant rhetoric!

        (I’m unsure how you perceive Brexit, just understand it has little to do with Europe…… yes you did read that correctly, British people voted in protest to uncontrolled migration! In truth we want the benefits of free trade it’s just lol we don’t need the foreigners coming over here?)

        Lesley being completely honest I fear for the future, perhaps more so than in my entire past life and being truthfully honest, as I said before, I have ‘little people’ as relatives and the awfulness going on around the world makes me feel sad for their future……….. experts tell us children are malleable adaptable and resilient hmm can and will they cope with a maelstrom of mayhem and madness?

        (Lot of m’s there!!!)

        I follow several writers on WP who write about Trump’s divisive behaviour, the disgusting way he blames every ill on an oh so important free press, and through reading their thoughts I understand the gravity of Trump’s political mistakes, possibly more than I do from the News!………. Finger’s crossed for both of us Lesley. :I

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