Happy 2019!!!


We are about to embark on another new year. How exciting!

In the past, I’d always make New Year’s resolutions. Being a teacher, it would be the first assignment after winter break, and my personal list would be the example I’d show my students. Then, our individual resolutions expanded into a discussion, which led to a creative writing session. Year after year a variation of this activity transitioned into a positive goal experience and a way to allow the students to get back into the swing of things.

This year I think I might try a little mini version of that concept with my grandchildren that involves crayons, playdoh, and perhaps hand made sock puppets, culminating in a puppet show presentation of their goals for 2019. Yes, I am always using my teacher brain to think of new and excting ways to enlighten children. And I must admit, it is even more fun when the lesson is created for my own grandchildren!

However, now that I’m in retirement, this year I think I’m going to skip making my own list. Why? Because I always tell myself to drop ten pounds, to exercise more, to read more, and take more “me” time to write, or finish projects etc. Bla bla bla. 

I think perhaps, I’m just going to try to survive this New Year. I’ll do my very best to endure this administration and make it through until “you know who” is either voted out or impeached. And I’m going to trust in our newly elected representatives to bring a sense of calm, rationality, and decency back to our government.

Also, my little goals are rather petty in comparison to the resolutions our nation needs to make in healing the divide created by the current resident in the White House.

So, Happy New Year dear friends! Here’s to a better future! To a 2019 that brings us more peace and calm. More hope, more world allies, safer schools for our children, more kindness given to our neighbors, more empathy and tolerance for our fellow human beings, and more love in our hearts to share.

And if we ALL just resolve to show kindness and respect to one another, then 2019 will be a fabulous year.  Happy New Year! Good health to you all! ❤️xo

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  1. Happy New Year, Lesley. Wonderful to start it off on such a positive note. You know, you’re still a teacher- you show us all just how special life is (and your grandchildren are very fortunate to have a loving, caring grandmother).


  2. I know I’m late but happy new year to you ❤.
    I loved your last line. It sounds simple enough yet it is weird how so many people can’t grasp that concept.
    Much happiness to you this year!


  3. Oh, Lesley, we do so need a change. We’ve made an inroad, I just hope it’s enough. I also hope your husband is right. I know I will follow his advice in my own life. But … and it’s a very large but, it seems the man on top has let loose all the vile hatred still held (but hidden) by some of our own countrymen. Until recently, I was always shocked when I came across the malaise because I believed the disease in its final end stage. Apparently it isn’t. So I have only one prayer for this New Year, and all future years: PLEASE MAKE US BETTER.


  4. “…this year I think I’m going to skip making my own list. Why? Because I always tell myself to drop ten pounds, to exercise more, to read more, and take more “me” time to write, or finish projects etc. Bla bla bla.”

    I’ve got a simple resolution, borrowed from my husband’s favorite fridge magnet: Do more of what makes you happy. In these stressful times, as we battle for our democracy, for the planet, education, the safety of families at the border, and so much else, it’s an important reminder that we must find happiness in all that we can.


  5. Lesley
    so glad I found your blog…..a kindred spirit…..even though I am writing from up here on the far left/ west coast of Canada the same social problems face us all. I am sure as 2019 emerges both the best and worst of human nature will be revealed but I have to believe that as more of us ‘wake up’ and become the change we want to see….. we will pull ourselves slowly and surely back into the light.
    Happy 2019!…..

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