Where Have All My Blog Posts Gone?

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Where have all my blog posts gone?
Long time passing
Where have all my blog posts gone?
Long time ago
Where have all the blog posts gone?
I have avoided them every one
When will I ever learn?
When will I ever learn?

(Adapted from the song Where have all the Flowers gone by Pete Seeger.)

Dear Readers,

You may have noticed that I haven’t posted on my blog since the beginning of 2019.The good news is… I haven’t stopped writing for months; I just haven’t posted anything on my blog. I assure you that I still write routinely and produce daily Facebook posts about current events and do my usual grandma bragging. I also respond frequently to Word Press friends with lengthy philosophical answers, as well as working on my current novel. But, I have certainly neglected and avoided my Word Press blog.

Why you ask? Well, I’ll attempt to explain. You see, In January I set a personal goal/promise to myself, to write less about politics and focus more on positive topics. So, I told myself when our current President did something extreme, to wait at least a full week before freaking out and writing yet another political blog. In trying to avoid posting something negative (brought about by the madman in White House), I discovered that I was unable to write anything at all. My hands were tied because “45” was always doing something infuriating! And in my intent to avoid continuously writing how frustrated I was with this administration and the lack of courage and core values I saw in many of the current GOP representatives, I was left helpless and unable to abide by my promise to myself.

Therefore, every time something happened, I took a deep breath and decided to wait before blogging about it. And so I waited, and waited, and waited. A full week never passed without our President behaving badly, acting ridiculous, inept, or unconscionable. Since he couldn’t make it an entire week without a crazy tweet, or a rambling unintelligible TV appearance, or a bizarre trip to meet with one of his favorite dictators, I  was forced to stay away from my blog lest I succumb to discussing his appalling behavior. And because his actions were worse than ever  I tried my best to ignore what was happening…  However, I was unable to turn on the news without hearing about former colleagues or WH staff members being sentenced to jail.  AARGH! How could I write anything positive with a daily Trump corruption soap opera revealing itself? I promised myself 2019 would be more upbeat and less about this administration or politics around the world. But today I had to go back on my word and forget the goal I made.

With the horrible tragedy that happened in New Zealand I just can’t stay quiet any longer. I care too much about humanity to remain silent. I am terrified of the hate crimes inundating the world. I will never understand this! No group of people should ever be targetted because of their faith or their color. There is no logical reason for this kind of bigotry!!!!!

In my every day life I am a happy person. I share peace, love and joy to those around me. But I care way to deeply about the world in which I live to turn a blind eye. I want this country and the entire world to be safe for my grandchildren and all the children who will be around long after I am gone..

And so I must do something!!! I can protest the high prices of medicine in my country (Which I do), I can protest for equality and stand up for safer gun laws, I can write my representatives and volunteer to help others. I do all those things. But I NEED to write about politics too. My voice, your voice, WE THE PEOPLE have a voice and need to use it! And so I write.  My blog will continue to be about politics when it needs to be.

Righting the wrongs of the world is who I am. It was who I was in college when I protested against the Viet Nam War. When I fought for women’s rights. It was who I was when I marched outside the campus library wearing jeans with protest signs because girls could only wear skirts in the library and to class.(This was 1967, girls believe it or not had to wear dresses everywhere in public on campus.) I wanted equal rights. BTW, my protest got news coverage and the next school year women were allowed to wear pants or jeans in class AND in the library!!! VICTORY!!!!

I played in the first all girl’s rock band in South Florida and my political voice was heard through my music and my lyrics.

I could go on and on about everything I have stood up for over the years and how I protested for what I felt would benefit women, children, minorities etc. It is who I have always been. So why should I stop now? If you are looking for contests on my blog site you won’t find them. I spent 36 years teaching and every year I created a  million poetry or writing contests for students. So I am done with that now. I write to enlighten and to blow off steam. I write to find joy and I write because I must!  Freedom of speech.  I am woman hear me roar!

Yes, at the beginning of 2019 I wanted to approach the new year with a different vibe but I have decided that the old vibe is working just fine. So, since next month I begin an entirely new decade (I will soon write a blog about that.) I had planned to turn over a new leaf. Instead, I am embracing the old leaf. It might be turning brittle, cracking and breaking apart. (That happens when living things age). But, like a leaf, I am as colorful and vibrant as ever. And I will be blowing in the wind for as long as the universe allows me to do so.

Note to you younger folks…I got the title for this blog from a Pete Seeger song I used to sing. In fact it was the very first song I learned to play on my guitar when I was in middle school. I heard it on a Peter Paul and Mary album and by ear I figured out the chords. It was my introduction to folk music and I strummed away and sang this song along with many others by PP&M, Bob Dylan, Joan Baez, Pete Seeger etc. After that I wrote my own protest songs and eventually saved up for an electric guitar and switched to rock music. But this particular song has always stuck in my head and seemed the perfect title for my blog.

Yep, I suppose I am just going to have to write what is in my heart. I’ve fought for change for too long to give up now. So where have all my blog posts gone?? No where!!!!! They are right here. I’m back baby!!!! I have never really been gone…


30 thoughts on “Where Have All My Blog Posts Gone?

  1. Well, I’m glad you’ve decided otherwise Lesley because, ummm, yeah…the prez is always going to disappoint and we may have never heard from you again!

    Also, thanks for being such a role model for how we can use our voices, no matter the era. If we have a voice, then it’s always important to use it, I think.

    Welcome back…to your blog ❤

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    1. Yes it is. The problem is, masercot, if we stay away or stick our heads in the sand for too long, then the ignorant and corrupt grow stronger. Without those of us fighting on the side of justice and equality evil wins out. The majority of my father’s family died in Auschwitz. Hitler reigned because people ignored the signs until it was too late. We can’t let that happen again and America is moving in the same direction unless we demand new leadership. So, we have no choice but to get back in the ring and fight to save mankind.


  2. Glad you are back and determined to speak your mind, after all that is what we are here for. I have found on my livingeveryday blog here that I was writing more and more about the environment and what we can do so I realized that I would just go with it. I say find your passion and run with it.

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  3. “But, like a leaf, I am as colorful and vibrant as ever. ” You are, indeed, Lesley. So glad to see you back here. I was wondering where you’d got to. Keep hollering. The stakes are too high. I’ve often wondered how things might have turned out in Germany in 1939 if people had spoken out in large numbers.

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    1. Yes I often wonder that too. History shows up that reporters wrote about the dangers, citizens were warned for years. It snuck up on them little y little until the Nazis became dangerous and powerful and then it was too late. The young ones were brainwashed and their parents afraid. There were every day heroes but most people looked the other way. We must fight and rid ourselves of the current resident in the WH and try to get things back to nothing before it’s too late.


  4. Lesley 🙂 please don’t write lol Title’s like that because you nearly gave me a heart attack, my first thought was WordPress has crashed and I’ve lost everything!!!

    🙂 Not to worry.

    I sympathise with your dilemma completely, you have Trump’s Administration to live with and we over on the opposite side of the Pond have yes Brexit, our Brexit mess chaos fiasco whatever you so eloquently predicted 3 years ago on your own WordPress, and we the British people deserve so much better from these broken political systems! Yes I sympathise and the single reason I to choose not to discuss Politics either, my choice entirely but I do understand dealing with this maelstrom of horrific news isn’t to put one’s head in the sand (which I’m prone to doing) and stop voting………….I will continue to vote.

    However I am very much a Political animal, interested in World events, consuming a ‘sanely liveable’ amount of serious comment on-line so yes I will be reading your new blog 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend, Andrew

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    1. Oh goodness, don’t have a heart attack! Yes, both our countries have put their heads in the sand and temporarily lost their way. I hope we can get out the mess we’ve created. Well you and I didn’t create it, but we are living with the repercussions of ignorance and fear. We deserve better leadership.
      Great to hear from you.

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      1. We sure did, Sally. I didn’t think we’d still be fighting for so many rights today. Unless each generation remembers history we are destined to repeat it. Hopefully, our generation can get these youngsters back on track! Lovely to hear from someone who remembers PP&M. ✌️


    1. Yes, that too. I had a bad cold which turned into a sinus infection creating awful vertigo. That also kept me off electronics for several weeks. Vertigo is crippling. I’m still dealing with it in bouts but doing better. My doctor gave me meclyzine which helps. I don’t like taking it unless I absolutely have to because it’s very strong and knocks me out.

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  5. Wonderful to read your words again, My Dear!! Hey, maybe just write them down and wait to decide whether or not to post them until a later date! Don’t we have an obligation to speak out
    in the face of lies and injustice??

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    1. Thank you Chuck.Yes, we do indeed have an obligation to speak out. Those who keep silent are as guilty as those who do wrong. I foolishly thought I’d sneak into old age gracefully by being docile and amiable. It’s feisty and fiery til the end! ✌️💪☺️


  6. Welcome back, Lesley. Your voice is definitely needed. Every voice is needed. And, speaking from experience wrt the freedom that comes with ‘maturity’, you can definitely say whatever is on your mind as colorfully as you like. I have that on the authority of Helen Mirren!

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  7. Westcoast Woman I am so glad you are ready!!!! I turn a really big number next month and have decided that I can say whatever the heck I want! LOL So if the powers that be keep me moving and grovin” then goodness knows what I will write! Here we gooooooooo……………..!!! Thanks for sticking with me during my drought.


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