So This is 70!?


I made it! This week I turned 70!!! I was surrounded by my two sons, my precious grandchildren, and my sister. What could have been better?

My children planned a Sherlock Holmes Escape Room Mystery Birthday Party for me and we had a fabulous time deciphering challenging puzzles, figuring out unusual clues, and finally solving where the mystery person was hidden, and still found our way out of the locked room before our time was up! It was the best birthday ever! I highly recommend an exciting event room party! It stimulates the mind and is filled with twists and turns that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Or legs actually, since you will be running around finding clues!!

I have been a Sherlock fan for decades, so being able to shout, “The Game is Afoot” after walking into a duplicate version of 221B Baker Street was absolutely delightful!!! I can’t tell you how much fun I had!!

I learned that age is indeed a number and as long as you spend time with those you love, the number isn’t important. But, solving mysteries is ageless!

Come celebrate with me as I dance my way into my 70’s. I plan to have an exciting decade ahead!! So WordPress buddies, rock on with this gal and keep on dancing right along with me!!! I’m going to tell old age to just “Hit me with your best shot. Fire Away!” Because I am still dancing!!!!

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  1. Lesley

    I can’t tell you how my heart jumped when I saw your ‘Like’ on my MAGA hat post.
    You have floated through my mind many times in the last few months, through our few communications it was obvious although we had followed similar paths and had similar views on life.

    I hope that whatever treatments you have endured have you at a better place and you are doing well.

    Thoughts and prayers from the wild west coast.

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    1. Thank you so much Rachel. I checked out your blog and loved your survey about older bloggers. I wish I had found it earlier and could have voted and commented to be part of your data. I’ve always written, but blogging as we age is truly a marvelous way to continue being relevant and current. A very inspiring blog idea. I may borrow that idea down the road as a topic. No survey or data post but I like the topic. In my mind it’s more like a continuation of my diary and journals I kept as a girl.

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  2. Congrats – albeit belatedly!
    Found you via LA during the Poirot discussion! This post is great and I really relate as I turned 64 in October and celebrated much like you with family doing a fun thing (part one of the post I think you’d like to see also with the postcard referenced for sure):

    So I am now following – as I’ll be 70 sooner than later and it’ll be fun reading about your adventures, too!


  3. Happy Birthday once again, Lesley. So,having been a Sherlock fan for decades, the question is: Do you find Benedict Cumberbatch appealing? From where I sit, not conventionally handsome but he definitely has the “it” factor as the Brits would say.

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    1. Oh yes!!!!! Amy, Jeremy Brett was my all time favorite Sherlock since the 80’s. I even cried when he died. But then along came Benedict and his portrayal , even though in modern times, was so spot on that he took up where Brett left off. Jeremy is my fav Victorian Holmes. But, If Sherlock were alive today, Benedict’s highs and lows, his very essence of the character is sheer perfection. Just as JB’s was. Both men brought the character to life the way Conan Doyle wrote him. And yes, there is something very special about BC. I guess that’s why his female fans are called Cumberbitches. Lol And I consider myself a Cumberbitch! 😍


  4. Happy Birthday Lesley and you look just so glamorous. Your party sounds
    like a whole theatre production, you must be so proud of your kids and grands.

    Just keep dancing, it is the best way.


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    1. Thank you so much Miriam. I don’t know about glamorous, but I feel very happy and extremely lucky. And yes, I am incredibly proud of my children and grandkids. Life has been good to me!


    1. It was really fun. My son had gone to an escape room adventure with his kids and then found one with a Sherlock Holmes theme. It was right up my alley. Perfect!! In the middle of solving it, my grandson had to play a short game of chess with my son and got him in checkmate to get the number and letter on the board to unlock another clue. So much fun!!!! We all worked as a team while classical music played. Fabulous!!!

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    1. Thank you Jane. We had so much fun! I wanted something unusual and told my kids don’t do anything fancy I don’t want people thinking they have to buy gifts etc. This was perfect. We solved the mystery and went out for dinner and it was awesome!!!

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