What Fools We Mortals Be…

Yesterday, I cried for joy. I was so proud of America. Proud of diversity, and proud of the three past Presidents who stood united to support our traditions and our democracy. I wept at our National Anthem, powerfully sung by Lady Gaga, and then again tears flowed when I heard Jennifer Lopez sing Woody Guthrie’s song, “This Land is Your Land, This Land is My Land”. Countless moments at the inauguration had me tearing up with pride and love of country.

Especially, listening to our Youth Poet Laureate,who moved me beyond words. Amanda Gorman was extraordinary. This was personally rewarding to me since I have judged our local YPL competition for several years. In fact, two years ago our local YPL winner reached the national finals and made the top four. My hope is that Amanda’s poem will inspire young people around the nation to write, and to realize just how powerful their words can be. Poetry can change lives! I hope to continue judging our future poetic superstars and I’m hopeful that one day soon, a South Florida youth poets will be standing where Amanda stood today. I still believe that anything is possible in America!

So, after a gloriously ecstatic day yesterday, after washing away tears and frustrations from the last four years, and realizing that love and not hate won, I finally slept peacefully. And I awoke this morning all bright eyed and bushy tailed as I turned on the news while sipping my morning cup of half caff.

But, to my dismay, I learned that there is no vaccine distribution plan put in place by the Trump team. I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised by Trump’s incompetence, but this is like he purposely planned to screw over America the minute he realized he lost the election and he couldn’t bully public officials or judges to overturn the results.

What I don’t understand is, why didn’t anyone else in his administration take care of this vaccine distribution? Where was Pence? I mean in spite of enabling 45 to appease him, why didn’t anyone on his staff accomplish anything? And why did they take such a cavalier stance regarding this pandemic? 400 thousand dead and numbers still climbing and I blame Donald Trump!

Forgive me, but I’m still angry and devastated by the numbers of people who died unnecessarily. And those who will continue to die until we beat this disease. I’m heartbroken for the families who have suffered.

On the positive side, I am confident Biden will do everything in his power to fix things, but that will take time. I pray that this nightmare of covid will end soon and that Trump supporters will wake up from their blind slumber.

This complete blindness to reality reminds me of Shakespeare’s play, “A Midsummer Night’s Dream” where Oberon puts magical flower juice in Titania’s eyes and she falls in love with a Donkey Man.

“I pray thee gentle mortal, sing again, on the first view, to say, to swear, I love thee.”

Obviously, this is a comedy. The audience knows the Fairy Queen is blinded by a love potion and it’s not real.
However, America lived this dream in real life, where people were blinded by the words and rhetoric they wanted to believe, because they came from a President who lied to them. I hope they wake up soon and shake off the dream they were in!

And as Titania says when she realizes the truth…
“My Oberon! What visions I have seen. Methought I was enamored of an ass.”

And that, my friends is what happened to this country! Part of our population was enamored by an ass. I certainly hope, that real life ends like the play did. Otherwise the words of Puck will ring true.

“Lord, What fools these mortals be!”