12 thoughts on “I’m Still Here!

  1. It’s a privilege for me, a relative newbie to your blog, to learn of and learn from your journey. Thank you for allowing me a glimpse into your very personal victories and hardships.
    I’m dancing a jig of joy with you.

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    1. Oh thank YOU for reading this. And for sending me so many strength building trinkets. I would go armed to chemotherapy with the strength bracelet you sent me and the hand of G-d necklace. They gave me courage to continue. I felt your support and love. I still wear them to every doctors visit for courage. 😘❤️ ✌️💪


    1. Thank you so much. I’m still getting used the wild gray hair, it has a ind of its own. My grandson loves it. He told his teacher all about how his grandma had straight blonde hair and it grew back white and wavy. It’s miraculous to him.lol I have to say, I’m having fun with it. And just so happy I’m still around. My youngest will be done filming the Resident at the end of the month and will be driving down to see me. I’m really excited about that. Say to your daughter.

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